Employees in Prairie Township get bump in pay

By Amanda Amsel
Staff Writer

The Prairie Township Board of Trustees approved a 2.5 percent pay increase for all non-union employees.

Originally Township Administrator Tracy Hatmaker recommended a 2 percent pay increase, but trustees agreed that a 2.5 percent pay increase was more adequate due to the increasing cost of living and a desire to compete with the private job market. The pay raise will affect all non-union full and part-time township employees, except fire department employees.

This is the second year non-union full-time and part-time employees have a received a pay increase. However in 2010, 2011 and 2012 the township did not give pay increases.

“We did not give pay increases for three years, so we think it is only fair to give pay increases now,” said Hatmaker. “The township wants to pay a fair wage that attracts talented employees that will stay.”

“To help pay back the three years we did not give a raise, I think 2.5 percent is only fair,” said trustee Doug Stormont.

Trustees Steve Kennedy and Ron Ball agreed saying the township should be comparable to the private sector.

“The township has great employees and they all deserve to be well compensated,” Kennedy said.

There are 12 full-time and two part-time employees receiving the pay increases.

The trustees also voted to have all non-union full time employees start paying for 10 percent of their health insurance.

“Starting in 2014 we will start step one of phasing this plan in,” Kennedy said. “Employees will pay three percent for the next three years and then in the fourth year they will pay 10 percent.”

One of the reasons the board decided to ask employees to pay 10 percent of their health insurance is the same reason they are giving pay increases, they want to be comparable to the private market.

“Most of the private sector asks their employees to pay 10 percent of their health insurance,” Kennedy said. “This is very comparable to other employers out there.”

The trustees and the fiscal officer will not receive a pay increase.

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