Employee study approved in Prairie Township


By Amanda Amsel
Staff Writer

Prairie Township employees will get a chance to express themselves via a new proposed Employee Engagement Study. At the recent meeting, the board unanimously approved moving along with the study.

The first of its kind for the township, the survey will see how engaged employees of the Prairie Township Community Center are in their work.

“I am hoping to see how engaged our employees are and in what ways we can improve to give the community the best possible service,” said James Gant, director of the Prairie Township Community Center. “There have been many studies done in recent years about employee engagement and how their engagement impacts their work. Employees who are highly engaged in the mission of the company tend to treat customers better and seek to serve the mission of the company better.”

The trustees voted to allow Ricker Adler and Associates to perform the study in the coming weeks for $1,500. According to Gant, the results of the survey will be announced in early March.

“I hope to find areas that we are doing well and areas that we can improve upon,” he said.

However, Gant was quick to note that improvements will depend on what the township does with the results of the study. If they do nothing, no improvements will be made. If they make changes based on the results of the survey, they will see a positive increase.

“The survey will not improve relationships with the employees, what we do after, the actions we take after the survey in the areas that the survey identifies that we hope will have an impact,” Gant said “But, until we get the results back from the survey we won’t know what we need to address.”

In an effort to continue to improve relations with township workers, the trustees also approved giving township employees 20 percent off the resident rate at the community center.
“We are hoping this will help us with retaining employees and attracting top rate applicants,” Gant said.

According to officials, they believe this will have very little financial impact on the center and be beneficial.

“Most of the staff do not currently have a membership to the center, and I believe this will encourage more of them to join,” Gant said.

At the recent meeting, the trustees also approved allowing Gant to apply for the Clean Ohio Trail Grant again this year, as well moving forward with examining how to create additional parking at the center.

“The township has issued a task order for Stantec to do site drawings and submit applications on the township’s behalf to see if the city of Columbus will allow us to do the overflow parking lot,” he said. “We don’t know yet what the city will allow so we cannot answer much else until we get information back from them. Parking has only been an issue for the community center during special events when we have a larger than normal amount of people at the center.”

The trustees also approved allowing the community center to be a polling location in 2016 for the Board of Elections.

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