Electronic sign debated in local township


By Amanda Ensinger
Staff Writer

The Franklin Township trustees are considering installing an electronic sign in front of the township hall.

The issue was discussed at a recent board meeting.

“This would be a way to inform residents about what is going on in the township,” Road Superintendent Jim Stevens said. “When we have things come up like leaf collection or a tire drive, residents will easily be able to be informed.”

Stevens said that currently the only way to educate residents about what is going on in the community is via a public notice on township hall or a posting online. However, with a large number of senior residents in the area, many may not be able to stop by township hall to see posting or don’t have access to a computer.

According to the proposal presented to the board, the new sign would cost approximately $22,700 and would include five lines of scrolling text that could be changed.

“It would be a two-sided scrolling board and we would like to put it in the grassy area in front of township hall,” Stevens said. “It would be a small investment, but in return residents will know what is going on in the community.”

According to Stevens, the idea for this came about after several residents complained that they were not made aware of events happening in the community.

“Not everyone has a computer or gets the newspaper,” Stevens said. “This would be a good informational tool to ensure we are reaching more of our residents.”

Several residents had concerns about the electronic sign.

“What about people that live in Mon-E-Bak,” said Mike Blevins, township resident. “Does this help people who live further away from township hall? Is everyone really going to see this?”

Trustee John Fleshman said it would benefit all residents.

“This will help residents of the township get the information they need,” he said. “I think most people will see this.”

Stevens added that the township needs to advance with technology and this is the future.

“We need to get with the times,” Stevens said. “This is just a way to get information to our residents.”

The board agreed to consider this proposal and will discuss this again at a later date.

In other news, the trustees discussed helping the village of Valleyview plow and salt its roads this winter.

“This will add more work to our plate, but it shouldn’t be an issue,” said Stevens. “However, the roads in Franklin Township will be our first priority.”

The board and Valleyview Mayor Marzia Helton agreed that the village would pay the township up to $3,000 for snow and ice removal this winter.

Franklin Township Fire Chief James Welch also reminded Helton that Valleyview is late on its fire department fees.

“Valleyview is still delinquent on fire department fees for last year,” he said. “I have been trying to collect on these fees since July.”

Helton apologized for the payment error and said she would look into the issue.

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