Election results – local candidates


Nov. 5 Election Day results (unofficial) according to the Franklin County Board of Elections:

City of Grove City Mayor
(one to be elected)
Steven Robinette – 3,797
*Richard “Ike” Stage – 4,148

Grove City Council-At-Large
(one to be elected)
John Galasso – 3,044
*Aaron Schlabach – 3,762

Grove City Member of Council – Ward 2
(one to be elected)
Melissa Anderson – 747
Jeffrey Buskirk – 471
*Randy Holt – 805

Grove City Member of Council – Ward 4
(one to be elected)
*R. Roby Schottke – 1,386

Jackson Township Trustee
(one to be elected)
Daphne Hawk – 4,002
*Ronald McClure – 4,066

JT Fiscal Officer
(one to be elected)
*Ron Grossman – 7,025

Pleasant Township
Township Trustee
(one to be elected)
*Edward Sheets – 629

PT Fiscal Officer
(one to be elected)
*Paula Wilkins – 595

South-Western Board of Education Member of Board of Education
(two to be elected)
*Anthony Caldwell – 9,993
*Robert Ragland – 9,330

Village of Urbancrest Mayor
(one to be elected)
*Joseph Barnes Sr. – 74

Urbancrest Member of Council
(two to be elected)
Deborah Larkins-Jackson – 51
Lacy Wallace Jr. – 22
S. Henry Warr – 51
*Nikky Ziglar-Zimmerman – 67
(Larkins-Jackson and Warr were split for the second council seat. There will be a recount.)

Urbancrest Board of Public Affairs
(two to be elected)
*Lolita Wallace – 84
Write-in – 22

Village of Harrisburg Mayor
(one to be elected)
*Michael Lytle – 39

Harrisburg Member of Council
(two to be elected)

No candidates filed


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