Election results for CW, Lithopolis, & Madison Township updated

By Rick Palsgrove
Eastside Editor

The Nov. 5 election resulted in Canal Winchester Mayor Mike Ebert being re-elected and a tight race for Madison Township trustee.

According to Franklin County Board of Elections Public Information OfficerAaron Sellers, unofficial totals show 183,329 – 22.96 percent of those registered in Franklin County – voting in the Nov. 5 election. The board of elections must begin the official canvass of the ballots no later than Nov. 20 and certify vote totals by Nov. 26.

The unofficial local results of the Nov. 5 election, according to the Franklin County Board of Elections and the Fairfield County Board of Elections are (*denotes winners)

Canal Winchester
Canal Winchester mayor: *Mike Ebert, 948 (43 percent), Bruce Jarvis, 868 (40 percent), Doug Snyder, 372 (17 percent).

“I’m looking forward to another exciting four years as mayor of my hometown Canal Winchester,” said Ebert. “As I stated in my campaign, ‘I have unfinished business to get done.’ In my opinion, if a mayor or manager ever gets done with his work, then there is no further need. That should apply to all businesses both government and private. I applied that same thought process when I worked in sales. If my sales stopped, then I was no longer needed. My staff and I continually work to make Canal Winchester a better place to live, work and play and I think the results seen at the polls are a reflection of that effort. For me the election went as I planned: don’t attack, only state the facts and truth’s. I stuck to that and it paid off. Thanks Canal Winchester for another four years.”

Jarvis said, “I was expecting a fairly competitive race but it was hard to predict anything with three candidates in the mix. The numbers didn’t fall my way this time, but I was pleased with the process. One takeaway from all this is that the majority of voters apparently do want to see some changes. Hopefully, that message is not lost and is taken to heart.”

(Snyder did not respond to an email request for comment.)

Canal Winchester city council: *Mike Walker, 1,345 (24 percent), *Bob Clark, 1,209 (22 percent), *Chuck Milliken, 1,142 (21 percent), Randy Stemen, 988 (18 percent), Scott Conner, 832 (15 percent).

Canal Winchester board of education: *Matt Krueger, 2,032 (52 percent), *Kevin Butler, 1,872 (48 percent).

Lithopolis and Bloom-Carroll
Lithopolis mayor ): *Eric P. Sandine, 205 (52 percent), John W. Stertzer, Sr. (write-in), 187 (48 percent).

Lithopolis village council: *Amy S. Brown, 295 (87 percent), *Amber Daniels (write-in), 43 (13 percent).

Bloom-Carroll board of education : *Jen Sherman, 1,248 (35 percent), *Jimmy Johnson, 988 (27 percent), D. J. Chapman, 915 (25 percent), Matt Kidwell, 460 (35 percent).

Lithopolis village income tax: A proposed 0.5 percent increase for public infrastructure, safety, and parks: For: 188 (45 percent), *Against: 233 (55 percent).

The additional funding raised by the proposed income tax increase would have been used for public infrastructure, safety, and parks improvements and maintenance.

Madison Township
Madison Township trustee: *Michele Reynolds, 2,385 (48 percent), John Kershner, 2,328 (47 percent), Debbie Miller (write-in), 239 (5 percent).
Madison Township fiscal officer: *Laurie Vermeer, 3,900 (100 percent).

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