Effort to limit picketing in Bexley eases

A bona fide effort by Bexley City leaders to limit protesters from picketing in front of any one home lost steam in the weeks following its publicity.

According to service director Bill Harvey, the city might not even act at all.

"I’d be very surprised if anything happened," said Harvey, who predicts that city council members will either table the ordinance until the action dies, or withdraw it.

The action originated from a request by an abortion clinic to restrict protesting at its location on Broad Street after picketers paraded in front of the doctor’s home in May.

According to Harvey, the city received several calls from residents questioning the feasibility of the ordinance and how well the city can reasonably enforce the limitation, if passed.

Neighboring attorneys also fear first amendment violations and doubt the city’s ability to draft legislation like this, Harvey said.

"You can’t write an ordinance here that won’t be challenged in court," he said.

The ordinance faces its third reading at the next city council meeting on Sept. 9.

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