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Support Reynoldsburg levy
On Tuesday, Nov. 4, we as citizens will be making many important decisions at the voting booth. As Mayor of the City of Reynoldsburg, I write to ask you to support the Reynoldsburg City School District levy and Dr. Brad Lewis for our State Representative.
The Reynoldsburg Schools have not asked for an operating levy in over 10 years. The district has demonstrated strong fiscal leadership while continuing to operate one of the best school districts in Ohio. As Mayor, I know firsthand the importance to the community of a strong educational system. If our schools fail, we all fail.
Dr. Brad Lewis has served Franklin County well as our elected county coroner for the past eight years. He is a fiscal conservative and has proven record of strong management and leadership. His extensive knowledge of and experience in the health care field will be a great asset in addressing the health care issues that we all face.
Please join me in voting for the Reynoldsburg City Schools operating levy and Dr. Brad Lewis for State Representative.
Brad McCloud
Mayor, Reynoldsburg

Robinson the better choice
I am writing to encourage your readers to vote for David Robinson (D-Columbus) on Nov. 4 to represent Ohio’s 12th Congressional District.  As a young person concerned with the future of our country, Pat Tiberi’s tenure in Congress has deeply troubled me.
When I ran for mayor of Bexley in 2007, both the Franklin County Libertarian Party and the Central Ohio Green Party endorsed me. Though these parties are very different, Tiberi has managed to offend both. His support of the FISA Bill and Military Commissions Act has done more to impede citizens’ civil liberties than fight terrorism. His negligence of developing alternative energies came at a time when addiction to foreign oil led us into an expensive war.
To top it off, as the current economic crisis emerged out of the housing market, Tiberi did nothing, despite sitting on the House Committee on Financial Institutions and the House Subcommittees on Housing Opportunity, Consumer Credit, and Government Sponsored Enterprises.  In his defense, he blames House Democrats and the entire Senate.
Tiberi’s excuses are not good enough for Ohio anymore. Liberals and Conservatives both need to realize that David Robinson is the better choice for Congress this year.
Travis Irvine

Volunteers measure community value
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Reynoldsburg Community Association, Community Service Organizations and all the volunteers for their tireless efforts in providing services to our community. 
One measure of community value is the level of volunteer support. The Reynoldsburg Community Association is truly an amazing group of men and women!  Thank you for giving up your time to plan, organize and fundraise for the annual Community Halloween Party as well as the Forth of July Parade. 
Approximately 2,000 Reynoldsburg residents attended the Halloween Party.  Without their help, the event would not have been such a success. Their sense of community pride was evident by attention to detail that went into the event.
Once again, thank you for your time and efforts in making Reynoldsburg a great place to live and play.
Jason Shamblin
Director, Parks and Recreation

Thanks for the memories
At the recent Reynoldsburg High School Homecoming game, I had the honor of being recognized for my 50 years as band director and then alumni band director for the high school.
There are not enough words to express what that meant to me and my wife, Dorothy, who has not only supported my career and love of music but also nurtured the many students who passed through our lives. We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a part of the Reynoldsburg community all these years and to have successfully raised our three children here.
I would like to thank all of the people within the community and the band parents who supported and continue to support the music program. Special thanks to the former 120 students who performed at homecoming, to those who sent cards as well as those who called, and to those who traveled from eight states to be a part of that special night. To Roger Cichy, a former student who is now a composer-arranger – I am humbled. Roger wrote, dedicated and published a composition titled "Main Street March" – written, as he states, "in honor of Mr. Nawrocki marching down Main Street in the parades."
Thank you to Mayor Brad McCloud for the wonderful city proclamation; to OSU Marching Band Director Dr. Jon Woods for his support and presence; Gary Hodges, my former  assistant director; Pastor Don Fritz, announcer for the Raider Band; Gary West, who contacted many students from the 1960s; Nadine Reynolds Morse for coordinating press coverage; Barb Irvine Cotner for her supportive quotes in the newspaper; the RHS Band Boosters along with the alumni committee comprised of Terri Forman Burch, Laura Warren Rogers, Laurie Smith Wallake, Phil Brunton and Mike Speakman.
Special thanks to Reynoldsburg High School’s current band director, Brian Stevens for giving me the opportunity to commemorate my 50th consecutive homecoming in such a special and memorable way. I confidently and proudly pass the alumni band baton to you so that you may carry on the tradition for the next 50 years.
The pleasure has been mine.
Dan Nawrocki

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