Early days of the Groveport police

 Photos courtesy of the Groveport Police Department
 According to Groveport Police Officer and historian Ernie Bell, former Groveport policeman George Nance, shown here in 1970, "wasn’t afraid of anything." Bell said Nance, though physically small, was "a take no crap kind of guy." Nance was part of the Groveport Police Department in 1968 when the force consisted of only six full time and nine auxiliary officers who patrolled not only the village, but also Madison Township, because the township had no police force then. Nance went on to serve on the Franklin County Sheriff’s Bomb Squad for many years. He passed away in 2007. Al Whipple became Groveport police chief in 1966. He was known for his straight forward, no nonsense demeanor, fairness, and ability to read situations quickly. Whipple served as Groveport police chief until 1980 when he retired after suffering a back injury while making an arrest. He passed away in 2001 at age 68.These were two tough, determined policemen, observed Bell.
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