Drury resigns from Groveport City Council


By Rick Palsgrove
Southeast Editor

Donna Drury is resigning from Groveport City Council effective Dec. 15 because governmental changes have affected her ability to obtain health insurance while serving as a member of council.

“This is not a choice  I want to make, but there is no other source for health care for me and my husband,” Drury wrote in her letter of resignation.

Drury, a retiree under the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System, stated OPERS changed the way retirees will receive their health care effective Jan. 1, 2016. Under the change, OPERS classified all elected officials as re-employed retirees. Because of that, Drury said, the federal government will not permit re-employed retirees to have a health reimbursement account. (OPERS sets up an HRA for retirees and deposits money in that account each month to provide reimbursement for health care costs.) The change makes Drury, an elected official who is considered a re-employed retiree, ineligible for an HRA.

“OPERS has a health care policy for re-employed retirees and after reviewing this policy I have found it is not accurate for my needs and I also have to pay the premiums out of pocket,” said Drury. “Unfortunately, my only option is to resign my position on council in order to obtain an acceptable health care plan with an HRA.”

Drury thanked Groveport residents for electing her to serve on council.

“This was a very difficult decision to make because I will be leaving within two years of my completed term,” said Drury. “This is not something I wanted to do. I appreciate the residents voting for me and I enjoy serving the community. I like to think I helped make life better in the city of Groveport.”

Drury served on council for 14 years. She said two of council’s biggest accomplishments during that time were the construction of the recreation center and the establishment of the Groveport-Rickenbacker Employee Access Transit, which is a shuttle bus system that serves the city’s growing industrial parks.

In an official statement, Mayor Lance Westcamp and Groveport City Council, said Drury’s service to the city “has been exemplary.” The statement continued, “In addition to playing an active role on council in her past capacity as council president pro tem and current presence on the senior citizens and trees and decorations committees, Drury has been instrumental in ensuring school children in the Groveport Madison School District have adequate lunches when not attending school during summer break through her tireless volunteer efforts. Her commitment to her hometown of Groveport is inspirational to all of us who have had the great pleasure to serve this city with her. Although she will, undoubtedly, continue to be a positive force in our community, she will be greatly missed on city council.”

The city’s statement notes council will not consider the formal acceptance of Drury’s resignation until its next regularly scheduled meeting on Dec. 21.

According to the Groveport City Charter, council has 30 days from the date of Drury’s resignation to name her replacement. If council does not name a replacement within 30 days, then the mayor has the power to select someone to fill the seat by appointment.

Groveport City Council is accepting resumes from city of Groveport residents interested in filling an unexpired term as a city council member through Dec. 31, 2017. Interested residents should submit a letter of interest and resume to: Ruth-Anne Ross, Clerk of Council, City of Groveport, 655 Blacklick Street, Groveport, OH  43125. Submissions must be received no later than noon on Dec. 18, 2015.

Drury’s replacement on council will serve the remainder of her term, which expires Dec. 31, 2017.

In an interview, Council President pro-tem Shawn Cleary said he understood why Drury resigned and called the OPERS changes,  “A very unfortunate ruling that has effected many people.”

Cleary said Drury will be missed.

“The time and service Donna has given this town is unmeasurable,” said Cleary. “I know her love for this town and she should be proud of what she has been a part of  in taking her hometown from where it was to the place it is now.  Though she may not be on council, I and all of the current council, mayor and staff know she will still be a very active member of this community.”

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