Drainage issue discussed in Pleasant Township

By Hannah Poling
Staff Writer

A concerned resident, Sean Miller, attended the Jan. 11 meeting of the Pleasant Township Trustees to discuss a drainage concern.

Miller has lived on the corner of Seaman Road for approximately eight months and said that this area has experienced high standing water with the two latest heavy rains.

“People were afraid to drive it. It was so bad they couldn’t see the road or know where to go,” he said.

Miller has installed a new septic system for his property called a discharge system which filters the water through ultraviolet lights and ends up charging into the storm drain.

“When it backs up like that, we can’t use the bathroom or shower or even wash our hands,” said Miller.

Trustee Nancy Hunter took pictures of the flooding during the last heavy rain.

“It was flowing really good with too much water with no where to go,” said Hunter, “but what was installed there was doing its job.

Miller said that the water does drain eventually when it stops raining but that it’s not functional for his home.

“I thought maybe the drain was clogged so I went out to try to unclog it. It’s just not big enough and there is too much water,” said Miller.

According to road department officials, there is not much that can be done.

There are brand new drain pipes, which have been installed, but the amount of water dumping into the drain from the downspouts, septic system, and surface water is far too much for it to accommodate. The new pipes drain the water more quickly than the prior pipes but no matter how many pipes are added to the drain, there will still be flooding.

Trustee Ed Sheets said he plans to contact the county engineer’s office for guidance on the issue.


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