Donation gives Truro Twp. Fire stair chair to save lives

Truro Township firefighters will have an easier time moving handicapped students from second story locations during an emergency due to the generosity of the Aladdin Shrine hospital.

Fire Chief Jerry Foltz said he was contacted by the hospital’s association for children division in spring regarding emergency service for children and asked if there was anything the department could use.

"We showed them a new stair chair that would be very helpful to get wheelchair bound kids out of the high school during an incident," Foltz told the Truro Township trustees during their Nov. 6 meeting. "We received a check for $2,800 from the Shriner’s Hospital. It will help us get kids out in the event of a fire and it helps save backs."

Other Truro news

•Battalion Chief Allen Deaver submitted a proposal to replace the computer system server at fire Station 161, which firefighters refer to as "the Whopper." Deaver said the system experienced a couple of hard drive failures and needs to be replaced.

The proposed server would eliminate separate work stations and use thin clients instead.

"This takes the brains out of the computer and puts it in one place," Deaver reported. "It’s fairly expensive up front – in the $8,000 range. Once we invest in the server, the replacement machines will be much less. If we don’t, we’ll have to put $4,000 into the (present) server."

•Road Superintendent Stan Knoderer informed the trustees that RAR Monuments and the Pine Box Agency were contracted to secure leaning monuments, identified as dangerous, in the Silent Home Cemetery. The hourly service rate is $150, which includes a pair of laborers, a crane truck, compressor and tools. Concrete, setting compound, sand and gravel will be billed separately.
When asked about responsibility for monument maintenance, Knoderer said,

"Technically, our responsibility begins at the base, but from a restoration standpoint, it’s a nice community service. They (workers) take care and a lot of pride in what they do."

•Knoderer also updated the trustees on road work in the Qualstan subdivision.

Fifty handicapped ramps were constructed by Oct. 17, and road milling was finished on Oct. 30, followed by the start of paving on Nov. 5 that was completed the next day.

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