Dog shelter seeks new home


Plans are moving forward on development of the new Franklin County Dog Shelter facility.  

The Franklin County Commissioners approved $2,370,000 in funding for the purchase of land in the redeveloped Northland Crossing to build the new shelter. Commissioners noted that the new shelter would be a major anchor in the redevelopment of Northland which is comprised of a mixture of office buildings, residential retirement communities and retail. The eight acre site will include green space and adjacent areas for walking dogs.

"This site allows us to invest in an important portion of the community and to build a facility that not only meets the community’s needs today but that will continue to be functional in the future," said Commission President Marilyn Brown. "It is imperative that the animal shelter be built with safety and health features for the employees, visitors, volunteers and animals."

"This location will have a synergistic effect," said Commissioner Mary Jo Kilroy. "The new Northland Crossing tenants will benefit from the dog shelter and the shelter will benefit from added visitors, volunteers, and adoptions. Shelter employees will have nearby places to shop. It is smart growth."

"The animal care center will boost Northland’s rejuvenation and serve our pets well for years to come," said Commissioner Paula Brooks. "We are creating jobs and providing a new point of community pride, too."

The county intends to build a modern, environmentally and user-friendly facility to replace the 30-year-old county dog shelter currently located on Alum Creek drive. The new shelter will have expanded space for adoption, lost dogs, medical care and education.

Daily living space for the dogs at the shelter will be greatly improved giving dogs four times more room than the current cramped cages.


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