Dhume’s name added to primary election ballot for engineer

(Posted Jan. 17, 2024)

By Kristy Zurbrick, Madison Editor

Bryan Dhume’s name will appear on the March 19 ballot as a candidate for the Madison County engineer’s position. This follows reconsideration by the Madison County Board of Elections (BOE).

Initially, the BOE deemed Dhume’s petition for candidacy invalid due to an error. On his declaration of candidacy, Dhume did not fill in the correct start date for the term he is seeking. Instead of Jan. 6, 2025, he mistakenly wrote Jan. 1, 2025.

When determining whether a petition is valid, the BOE goes by the rules set out in the Ohio Secretary of State’s Election Official Manual, said Paula Herald, Madison County BOE chair.

Dhume filed a request to the BOE for reconsideration of his petition. The board held the hearing on Jan. 16 as part of their regularly scheduled meeting. Dhume and his legal representative attended the hearing and presented legal explanations of similar situations.

“We were able to find very current and applicable case law that had gone through the Ohio Supreme Court that related directly to my situation,” Dhume said.

In that case law, an incorrect start date for a term for certain elected positions was not considered a fatal flaw when a candidate also checked a box on the petition stating he or she was running for a full term, Dhume said.

“After careful review, despite the error on his petition, the Board of Elections decided that we legally certify his petition, therefore allowing Mr. Dhume’s name to appear on the March 19 primary election ballot,” Herald said. “Our decision is grounded in law and public policy that favors free and competitive elections.”

The board’s decision was unanimous. The board includes Herald, Teresa Ames, Marci Bogenrife, and Barbara Niemeyer.

Dhume is the only candidate who filed a petition for the primary election for the engineer’s position. He is finishing the last year of his second term as Madison County engineer. He filed for re-election to a third term.

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