Development proposal features a new school

By Andrea Cordle
Southwest Editor

A new development is in the works in Grove City and this one consists of a proposed elementary school.

At the July 16 meeting, Grove City Council approved a preliminary development plan for the Farmstead Subdivision, located east of Hawthorne Parkway, along Jackson Pike.

The Farmstead development would consist of five parcels in 206 acres. It would include a maximum of 535 homes and an 11-acre space for a possible elementary school.

According to Grove City Mayor Richard “Ike” Stage, the city has met with officials from the South-Western City Schools District.

“This area is a target for a school site,” said Stage. “The location makes sense.”

The mayor said the addition of this school would ease overcrowding at Buckeye Woods Elementary School.
According to the developer, Grand Communities, LLC, in the event the school is not developed, an additional 25 homes would be built.

Jason Wisniewski, with Grand Communities, said the development plan also includes two miles of trails and 67 acres of open space.

“This will be a high-quality community with a range of housing options,” said Wisniewski.

Though the preliminary plan was approved, some council members had concerns about the development.
Councilwoman Christine Houk said with more than 500 homes, she is concerned about the added traffic on State Routes 104 and 665; two high-travel corridors.

“I would like to see a traffic study,” said Houk.

State Route 104 and 665 are maintained by the Ohio Department of Transportation. City leaders said they are working with the state on access points for the development.

Houk also said this type of growth would put more demands on the schools and safety services.

“This needs to be discussed as the city continues to grow,” said Houk.

In other development news, residents who live off McDowell Road addressed council about concerns of another potential housing development.

Residents have gotten wind of potential plans to put in a low-income apartment complex. The residents expressed concerns about the increased traffic and decrease of property values. They asked council members to deny the plan if it comes before council.

According to Stage, the city’s administration has only had preliminary discussions about the property near McDowell Road and it is not subsidized housing. He said the developer would be seeking Ohio housing tax credits.

Councilman Roby Schottke said the proposed plan has not come before council and would have to go through the planning commission before even a preliminary plan is brought before council.

“We will be on the lookout for it,” said Schottke. “City council will determine if the development is a good fit for the whole of Grove City.”

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