Developer seeks Pickerington

A developer plans to create a commercial subdivision between Diley Road and Courtright Drive to the west of Hill Road.  

The plans include a new road that will curve from Hill Road to a small street named Olde Route 256.

Unfortunately for the developer, Hill and Commerce, LLC, the easement between their property and Olde Route 256 belongs to a different property owner.

After unsuccessful attempts to purchase the property, the developer requested that the city seize the easement via eminent domain. The developer would reimburse the city $2,750 for acquiring the property.

Additionally the developer will pay the city $20,000 for a new traffic light to be placed at the intersection of the new road and Hill Road.

The developer plans to divide the 10.7 acre property into seven commercial lots.

Other Pickerington news

•Council agreed to allow the First Baptist Church of Pickerington to connect to the Fairfield County Water System. The church’s well water registered 12 parts per million arsenic and the EPA requires water to be 10 parts per million or less, Pickerington Service Director Edward Drobina said.

Although the EPA allowed the church to continue services, it would not allow the church to open a planned daycare.

Councilman Brian Wisniewski asked the council to expedite the ordinance by approving all three readings at their January 15 meeting so that the church could begin connecting to the water service.

•Council approved the first reading of stricter rules for non-payment of water bills. Once water has been turned off, the city will only turn the water back on during business hours. The fee for turning on the water will increase from $100 to $150.

The city will not turn off water before holidays or weekends when the city offices close, Drobina said.

•Council authorized the city to reimburse Windmiller Square Office Condominiums for impact fees.  It was determined that the condos were significantly underway before the city began collecting impact fees.

•The city finance department will be honored by the state for outstanding financial reporting.

Finance Director Linda Fersch said she had been notified that the state auditor’s office will honor Pickerington with a Make Tax Dollars Count award for work done in 2006. Pickerington collected 6.5 percent more tax income in 2007 than it had in 2006, however more refunds were issued The city saved $75,000 by offering employees a health savings plan. Of the 87 employees receiving health insurance from the city, 55 chose the new plan, Fersch said.

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