Denes retires from health district board after 30 years

Linda House (left), Health District board president, thanks long-time board mem-ber Joan Denes for her service.
Linda House (left), Health District board president, thanks long-time board mem-ber Joan Denes for her service.

(Posted April 24, 2015)

By Kristy Zurbrick, Madison Editor

Joan Denes has been on the Madison County-London City Health District board from the very beginning, when the office had nothing but orange crates to sit on.

Now, 30 years later, she is stepping down from the board, which sets policy, reviews operational data, oversees the budget, and approves enforcement and program changes for the health district.

“Joan has been an extremely dedicated, involved board member,” said Mary Ann Webb, health commissioner. “She has seen a lot of changes. The health district has come a long way with her guidance.”

Denes, a West Jefferson resident, said she got involved with the health district for a couple of reasons. As a child, she had polio and spent a lot of time in hospitals and around healthcare professionals. She also believes in giving back.

“I feel strongly about helping people anytime you can,” she said.

In the early years, the board worked diligently to inform the public about the health district’s purpose and services.

“We kept plugging at, and you see where it is today,” Denes said. “They’ve got a lot of good people working there.”

Jennifer Piccione, chief nursing and clinical services officer at Madison Health, was named to Denes’ seat. The five-member board meets monthly. Terms are five years.

“We are fortunate to have a lot of longevity on our board. Members typically seek reappointment,” Webb said.

The board’s community representatives are president Linda Houser of Mount Sterling and Teresa Ames of London. Also on the board are Robin Kimbler, licensing council rep, and Dr. Katherine Binns.

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