Debate over naming alley after veteran

(Posted July 16, 2018)

By Amanda Ensinger, Staff Writer

Mount Sterling village council members disagree on ideas for naming the alleyway behind the new veterans monument.

At the July 9 council meeting, resident Mark Mason suggested it be named after the Timmons family. Dedicated last November, the monument sits near the town gazebo on South London Street, across from town hall.

“I have always been interested in the military history of the Timmons family, and Max Timmons received the Navy Cross. He is the most decorated military service member from Mount Sterling,” Mason said.

During World War II, Pfc. Max Eugene Timmons served in the Marines and earned the honor when he recovered an enemy machine gun and protected American troops. For his heroic efforts, he was received the Navy Cross, the United States military’s second-highest decoration award for valor in combat.

“My uncle was actually the highest decorated military member in Madison County,” said David Timmons, council member and nephew to Max Timmons. “My family is honored that you would consider this.”

Not all council members were on board with the idea, saying it could show favoritism to certain families.

“There are a number of World War II veterans in town, so I’m not sure we should pick one veteran over another,” said Lowell Anderson, council member. “If we name this alley after him, then where does it end? I think we should have a generic name that recognizes everyone for their sacrifices.”

David Timmons said his uncle went above and beyond for the call of duty.

“My uncle Max received decorations, but he also never walked again,” he said.

Shrapnel affected Max Timmons’ balance, making it difficult for him to walk. After the war, he returned in Mount Sterling. He passed away in 1989 at 66 years old.

In related discussion, council members reminded residents they can still purchase customized bricks to be installed at the monument. The bricks come in two sizes, 4×8 inches and 8×8 inches, costing $50 and $100, respectively.

“The deadline to purchase bricks is this month, so I encourage everyone to participate in this,” said Becky Martin, council member.

The village still plans to have a Family Feud and Movie Night and is finalizing a date and time.

“We would like to have these on the same night and make an evening of it,” said Rebecca Burns, council member. “We are looking at doing this in July and will have updated timing on the website and Facebook soon.”

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