Darby Creek Association seeks support from township trustees

By Hannah Poling
Staff Writer

The Pleasant Township trustees discussed the preservation of the Little Darby and the Big Darby Creek at a board meeting in November.

A resident of Darbydale, Lori Wade, attended the meeting on behalf of the Darby Creek Association to encourage the trustees to support the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) consideration of designating the Little and Big Darby Creeks as Outstanding National Resource Waters.

According to Wade, in order to be considered for this designation by the EPA, a stream must be high quality and have national significance.

“They easily meet the qualifications and then they would receive the highest level of protection available,” Wade said.

Wade said that the EPA is getting public input on this potential designation and requested that the trustees voice their support either individually or collectively.

“I’m asking you to help get the Darby over the finish line. They need strong support to move forward. Your support would be a strong indicator of the support and gratitude in giving this designation to the Big and Little Darby for future preservation,” Wade said.

According to Wade, there are no restrictions that come along with the designation; it simply helps protect the creeks from future development in the watershed.

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