‘Dance of the Soul’ to perform in Mt. Sterling

“Dance of the Soul from China,” a dance troupe made up of Ohio State University students, will perform April 18 at the Mount Sterling Community Center.
“Dance of the Soul from China,” a dance troupe made up of Ohio State University students, will perform April 18 at the Mount Sterling Community Center.

(Posted March 27, 2015)

By Kristy Zurbrick, Madison Editor

“Dance of the Soul from China” is a group of Ohio State University students who believe in communica-ting through dance to bring people together.

The troupe will perform—sharing their message, culture and talents—at 6:30 p.m. April 18 at the Mount Sterling Community Center, 164 E. Main St.

Tickets are $4 for adults and $2 for children and can be purchased at the community center, Ben & Joy’s Restaurant, Mount Sterling Public Library and Mount Sterling First United Methodist Church Child Care Center.

“It will be fun, entertaining and interesting, as well as cultural,” said Erica Newman, the community center volunteer coordinating the event.

“Dance of the Soul” draws inspiration from several cultures for its choreography, also incorporating other elements into their performances, including drama and martial arts.

According to Luyao Zhang, the group’s president and a Ph.D. student in economics, “Dance of the Soul” gives all members a chance to take on leadership roles and teach others. In addition to performing, the troupe hosts multicultural carnivals and dance workshops on the OSU campus and raises money for charitable causes here and abroad.

“We would like to do anything we could do to make this world a better place,” said Zhang.

At the performance in Mount Sterling, “Dance of the Soul” will take time before and after dance numbers to share information and answer questions. The 18-member group will perform folk dances representative of various Asian ethnicities, classic Chinese dances from different dynasties, and Indian dances. Mixed in will be contemporary, jazz and hip-hop styles.

“Bringing ‘Dance of the Soul’ here is a way to raise awareness of the community center and show that we are open to doing new things and uniting the community,” Newman said.

The event meshes well with the community center’s “Around the World” program, which started in January and runs through May 21. Every Thursday, children in kindergarten through sixth grade are invited to learn about other cultures through language, food, song, dance and crafts.

During intermission of the “Dance of the Soul” performance, attendees will have a chance to sample bubble teas and learn more about tea in general.

Proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the community center’s annual Independence Day “Let Freedom Ring” festival and laser light show.

For more information about the “Dance of the Soul” event, call the Mount Sterling Community Center at (740) 869-2453.

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