CW to limit predators


At Canal Winchester Village Council’s July 2 meeting, Law Director Gene Hollins and council started the process in designing sexual predator legislation restricting where a person convicted of committing a sexual crime against a minor can live and work within Canal Winchester.

"We’re not just talking about public schools, but buffering other locations," said Hollins, who said the legislation would fall somewhere between two extremes of total restriction and no restriction, although there are ongoing challenges to similar regulations in other communities.

"If you are on the registry because of unlawful sexual contact with a minor it (legislation) would restrict you from working or living near places like a day care center or park," said Hollins.

Mayor Jeff Miller said he doesn’t want to see Canal Winchester be the last to pass an ordinance, nor does he want the village to be known as a community that is tolerant of sexual predators.

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