CW renews contract with sheriff; also, development news


By Linda Dillman
Staff Writer

A contract for police services with the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Department approved by Canal Winchester City Council on Nov. 19 continues a long-standing relationship between the two entities.

The ordinance authorizing the mayor to enter into the $1.165 million contract was adopted without fanfare following a third reading. The current contract expires at the end of the month.

Canal Winchester Finance Director Amanda Jackson said the new agreement comes with a 6 percent increase and, other than the bump in cost, is little changed from the first contract signed by the city and the county.

While the contract contains a provision for purchase of a new vehicle every year, Jackson said it will be a little costlier, initially, for the city since equipment used in the current Dodge Chargers cannot be transferred to newer utility vehicles.

The approximate replacement cost per vehicle is $40,000 and includes equipment. The monthly cost of the entire contract is $101,801.

Fairfield County agrees to fund 11 deputies providing 376 hours per week of police protection. Two deputy sheriffs are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a third deputy sheriff working a shift mutually agreed upon in writing by the mayor and the sheriff.

A full-time sergeant provides 40 hours per week of supervision overseeing deputy sheriffs, in addition to one full-time dispatcher assigned to the city.
Additional deputies may be necessary during the life of the contract and when mutually agreed upon in writing, may be added to any shift. The city also agrees to cover the costs of salaries, benefits, and personnel related taxes for additional personnel.

Development at Hayes and Lithopolis
An ordinance rezoning nearly 12 acres of land and adopting a preliminary development plan for a 79 acre tract (which includes the 12 acres mentioned above) at the intersection of Hayes and Lithopolis roads received a second reading by council.

During a May 14 hearing, a list of concerns regarding the proposed Middletown Farms development was provided to the Planning and Zoning Commission by city staff.

One of the sticking points was the location of the garage at the front of the house, which was later resolved.

At the close of the spring hearing, commission members voted 4-1 against sending a recommendation for approval to council. A public hearing was held on Aug. 6 and, with several unanswered questions, the ordinance was later tabled.

The developer is hoping to turn the nearly 80 acres of farmland along Lithopolis Road between Hayes and Oregon Roads into a development with homes starting at more than $300,000.

Canal Winchester Development Director Lucas Haire said the front design of the garage was moved back and can now be located no further forward that the front most portion of the porch.

The changes met with Planning and Zoning Commission approval and the ordinance is up for a third and final reading during the Dec. 3 city council meeting.

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