CW police study results

By Linda Dillman
Staff Writer

A long-awaited police staffing study by the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police told Canal Winchester City Council that current service provided by the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office suits the city’s needs.

Association representative and former Dublin police chief Heinz von Eckartsberg said the study looked at several methods for determining how a police agency should be staffed.

“There is no industry single standard for making that determination,” said von Eckartsberg. “I do believe the law enforcement services you receive are staffed very well. I also think you guys benefit greatly because you have a minimum staffing you require in your contract, but you’re lucky because you have this great agency, who has people who are dedicated to more than just Fairfield County.”

Von Eckartsberg said if there is an emergency and city staffing is low for one reason or another, Fairfield County has the ability to pull people from other areas of the county to staff Canal Winchester.

“That’s something you wouldn’t have if you had your own police department,” he said.

According to the study, Canal Winchester has 12 deputies assigned to the city, along with a supervisor, manager and communication technician. Von Eckartsberg felt the staffing number is sufficient.

He said the study did not take into account coverage by the Madison Township Police. He said the study relied only upon the sheriff’s department dispatched call data.

“You guys receive fantastic service from Fairfield County,” von Eckartsberg said.

The study was prompted by a request from council and residents who expressed concern about coverage by the county and the township.

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