Image courtesy of the Groveport Heritage Museum

Pictured here is the famed stallion, Cruiser, in his paddock that once sat behind the Rarey Mansion (later known as the Elmont Hotel and now the site of Groveport Madison Junior High School on Main Street in Groveport). The drawing, made by an unknown 19th century artist, is believed by Rarey family members to be "drawn from life" and thought to be a fairly accurate portrait of Cruiser. Cruiser was born in England in 1852 and was noted for his great speed. However, his vicious and foul temper made him impossible to race. The horse was known to go into fits of rage and had a general wariness of people. Groveport’s John S. Rarey gained international fame by taming Cruiser by using his renowned humane methods of horse training. Rarey gained ownership of Cruiser and the pair traveled the world putting on horse training exhibitions. Cruiser lived until July 1875 and was so well known in America that his obituary appeared in the New York Times newspaper. In honor of his spirit, Cruiser serves as the mascot for Groveport Madison High School’s athletic teams because of his and Rarey’s example that strength, intelligence, and discipline bring success. The school’s colors of red and black reflect Cruiser’s dark coat and fiery disposition.

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