Creations made of wood featured at American Legion

Messenger photos by Dedra Cordle
Ted Scherer, a wood carving artist from the westside, works on his latest creation at the American Legion Don Gentile Post 532 on Demorest Road. As a member of the American Legion, Scherer initially wanted to carve military-inspired artwork throughout the grounds but had to reverse course when most of the trees were cut down before he could work his magic. Instead, he decided to go with this great horned owl to ward off nuisance geese that consider this location their gathering spot. “They’re everywhere you go,” said Scherer. “I don’t actually think it will keep them away, but it’s worth a shot.” This creation took Scherer more than eight hours to finish.
Though his large-scale plans to create a military-inspired theme were thwarted, Scherer was able to create this bald eagle on the property. Fittingly, it faces the flag outside the building.


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