Creating classroom space at Groveport Madison High School and Dunloe Elementary


By Rick Palsgrove
Southeast Editor

Modular classrooms will soon be in place at Groveport Madison High School and Dunloe Elementary.

Modulars at Dunloe

According to Groveport Madison Schools spokesman Jeff Warner, two district owned double-classroom modular units containing four classrooms will be moved from behind Groveport Madison High School to Dunloe Elementary. These units are expected to be in place by Jan. 1, 2016.

Warner said the units will accommodate an unexpected increase in enrollment at Dunloe.

“Dunloe experienced an increase in enrollment this year, with approximately 60 more students enrolled this year as compared to last year,” said Warner.

The modulars will be located on the east end of Dunloe Elementary.

“In order to minimize the impact to the greatest number of students and staff, programs such as Read 180, intervention programs and guidance services will be relocated to the modulars, freeing up additional classroom space inside the building,” said Warner.

It will cost the district an estimated $111,345 to  move and install the modulars at Dunloe. This includes the cost of installing concrete support footers, sidewalks, and extending electrical, phone, and security service to the structures. Taylor Classrooms is the contractor for the project.

“Installing modular classrooms is not an inexpensive endeavor, however there are few options available when additional classroom space is needed and time is of the essence,” said Warner.
District officials anticipate the modulars will remain at Dunloe for the foreseeable future until additional permanent space can be provided.

“The district continues to see steady enrollment growth, indicating that families are pleased with the quality of education and opportunities that are afforded to their children,” said Warner.

When asked why the modulars were not installed at Dunloe sooner, Warner said, “The extent to which the school’s enrollment would increase over the summer was not anticipated. Because modular classrooms must be ordered several months in advance, there was no way to purchase new units and have them installed on the site for the 2015-16 school year. So it was decided to move two double-classroom modulars from the high school.”

Modulars at the high school

During the construction of the new high school, the district will rent seven new double-classroom modular units providing 14 total additional classrooms at a cost of approximately $525,000. The units will be located in front of the high school because the new high school will be constructed  behind the current high school structure.

“These costs were anticipated, and were factored into the overall construction  budget,” said Warner. “Once the modulars are installed, it will resemble one, large structure.”

Site work for the installation of the modulars at the high school will begin in November. The work includes the installation of concrete support footers, sidewalks, and the extension of electrical, telephone, and security monitoring services. Once the units are installed, fencing will be erected around the units to ensure the security of the students and staff.

“All of the units are scheduled to be installed and ready for occupancy by the end of December,” said Warner.

Warner said the modulars are needed because of overcrowding at the high school.

“Because the old modular classrooms were located behind the high school, many residents may not be aware that Groveport Madison High School has been overcrowded for a number of years,” said Warner. “The school’s functional capacity is 938 students, however the building is currently housing more than 1,590 students.”

Warner said the plan is for sophomore-level core academic classes to be located in the modulars.

Regarding the construction of the new high school, Warner said, “We understand the community is excited to see the actual construction begin – we want to assure you that the final product will most definitely be worth the wait.”

Modulars at other schools

Elsewhere in the district, Warner said Asbury Elementary has two double-classroom modular units and Groveport Elementary has one double-classroom modular unit.

“Because of the effective planning of city, village and township officials, this area has become attractive to new families,” said Warner. “These same families also see great things going on in Groveport Madison Schools and they are choosing the district for their child’s education. At this time, there are no plans, nor are there the finances, to construct additional schools or add on to existing ones. The district will need to use modulars as a stop-gap until additional space is constructed.”

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