Cram the Cruiser food drive a success

Messenger photos by Rick Palsgrove
Groveport Police Chief Casey Adams loads donated food items into a truck during the Cram the Cruiser food drive held at two locations in Groveport on Oct. 7. The event collected food donations for the Greater Groveport Food Pantry. The Cram the Cruiser food drive gathered 60 boxes of food items and about $200 in cash and gift cards for the food pantry. For information on the Groveport Food Pantry, visit

On behalf of the men and women of the Groveport Police Department, I want to extend my appreciation to the Groveport community for its overwhelming support to the “Faith and Blue: Cram A Cruiser” food drive held on Oct. 7.

Volunteers (from left to right) Groveport City Councilman Jack Rupp, Shana Reed (wife of Patrolman James Reed), and Groveport Police Administrative Assistant Kathi Wilson box up donated food items.

Your generosity of donations of canned and boxed food items, along with cleaning supplies filled nearly 60 boxes that filled the back the Groveport Police Department pickup truck twice between the two collection locations. The monetary donations of gift cards and cash totaled nearly $200, and all these donations have been turned over to the Greater Groveport Food Pantry, which will distribute items to our community members in need of a helping hand during the holiday season coming up in November and December.

Elijah Filion, 6, of Groveport, came dressed in full police uniform with his family to donate items for the food drive. His family said Elijah loves police officers and has a big interest in the police. Elijah is pictured here with Groveport Police Lt. Josh Short.

Special thanks goes out to the following individuals and businesses, without their help, this food drive would have not been as successful: Groveport resident Joe Ebert, who permitted the Groveport Police to use his property as a drop off area; Dollar General Manger Lisa Eubanks, which donated surplus boxes to collect the items and deliver to the Greater Groveport Food Pantry; 5/3rd Bank: for permitting the Groveport Police access to the parking lot as a collection location; the local Groveport churches that posted our flyers and advertisement signs; Groveport Police Chaplain Christi Hall and Groveport Officers wives Shana Reed, Marsha Bell, and Denise Adams, who helped organize and collect food items; Groveport City Councilman Jack Rupp who donated collection boxes and collected food items at the collection point on Groveport Road; Mayor Lance Westcamp and city council members who showed up to support and donate items to the food drive; Groveport Police staff: Ptl. Javier Herrera, Ptl. Ernie Bell, future Ptl. Joshua Dillard, and Administrative Assistant Kathi Wilson for distributing the flyers, working with the Greater Groveport Food Pantry to ensure we collected the proper food items that they needed, and standing out in the cold to collect the donations during the food drive.

If you want to still contribute to this food drive for the Greater Groveport Food Pantry, you can drop off canned and boxed food items and cleaning supplies at the Groveport Police Department, 5690 Clyde Moore Drive, Groveport, Monday thru Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Casey Adams
Groveport Police Chief

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