Crack cocaine arrests made

Tips from sharp-eyed residents and three months of investigative work netted Madison Township police officers a couple suspected of dealing in crack cocaine in Blacklick Estates during a raid on July 16.

Madison Township Police Detective James Galvin said Madison Township teamed up with the Bureau of Criminal Investigation and enlisted the help of an informant to obtain inside information on drug dealings at the house located in the vicinity of Lagoon and Clearwater.

"We got a lot of calls from residents about one house in Blacklick Estates that had a lot of in and out activity all day long," said Galvin. "About three months ago, we started getting complaints and then started watching the house and checking license plates of people going there. Many of them had previous arrests for possession. The informant established a few buys and we got a positive result when we had the drugs tested at a lab. We got a search warrant yesterday and he (informant) bought some earlier in the day. Then around 7 p.m. last night (July 16) we raided the house with about 15 officers from Madison Township and BCI."

Galvin said law enforcement investigators found a small amount of crack cocaine in the house, in addition to a large amount of drug paraphernalia and equipment.

According to Galvin, the main subject in the investigation is 44-years-old and lives with his mother. A younger female was also taken into custody with the male. Warrants are out on two more individuals connected with the case.

"This is his (male apprehended during the drug bust) first trafficking charge," said Galvin, "although they both had prior arrests for possession and paraphernalia. The female is a transient from the area and the two with the warrants live just outside the township. I don’t think the mother really realized what was going on in her home."

The pair was arrested and taken to the Madison Township police department before being transported to the Franklin County jail.

"They were within 1,000 feet of a school, so the charges were bumped up to a third degree felony from a fourth degree felony," said Galvin. "The next step is to prepare indictments and we’re hoping bonds will be set high. There are a couple of other cases we’re investigating, but it takes time. This one took three months. It is not something you can do overnight. We heard from residents and we want to continue hearing from anyone with any complaint about suspicious actions in their neighborhood. This is how it starts-by individuals alerting us to what is going on and we want those calls. Nothing is too small."

To report suspicious situations or people, call the Madison Township Police Department at 836-5355. Calls can remain anonymous, if desired.

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