Couple joins Lockbourne Village Council


By Linda Dillman
Staff Writer

Messenger photo by Linda Dillman
Husband and wife Lockbourne Council members T.J. (left) and Lindsey McKnight, joined council earlier this year.

Over a dozen years ago, T.J. and Lindsey McKnight put down roots in Lockbourne and started a family, but little did they know 13 years later they would also become part of the village’s government.

The husband and wife team are the newest members of Lockbourne Village Council. Lindsey was appointed earlier this year with T.J. following her a few weeks later. Neither held public office before and, in order to retain their council seats, they must run for office in 2025.

“I applied for the open council position because I saw in the village newsletter there was an open seat,” said Lindsey. “I told my dad, and he convinced me to apply. I am glad that I applied because I love being a positive voice for the people and village. I also love learning about our history, as a village.”

T.J. said he applied for the council seat because he attended council meetings with his wife and wanted to have a voice for the people of Lockbourne as well.

In discussing challenges facing the village, T.J. feels “letting people know that the village of Lockbourne exists” was a key issue. He also lauded the village’s rich history dating back to the Ohio and Erie Canal era.

When asked to describe the village’s greatest asset, Lindsey said it is its residents.

“Lockbourne is America,” said Lindsey. “Our Memorial Day parade showed what Lockbourne and America are about. I have never been prouder of the people that live in our village. My hope is to make the people and village of Lockbourne proud. I want to tackle issues head on and learn as much as I can.”

Functioning as a married couple on council is a balancing act and the McKnights say it is not as difficult as one might think.

“Serving on council with my wife is like being on council with everyone else,” said T.J. “You must treat your spouse like everyone else and do what is best for the people and village.”

Lindsey echoed similar thoughts adding, “We both go to meetings as council members and only council members. We have disagreed on village issues. But just like every other council member, we hear each other’s opinions and conclude what would be best for the people and village.”

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