Council wants safe routes for kids

The pathway toward education may get easier to navigate for students of Buckeye Woods Elementary and Jackson Middle schools.

At the Nov. 17 meeting, Grove City Council members passed a resolution authorizing the city administrator to prepare and execute an application for safe routes to schools funds through the Ohio Department of Transportation.

"This program is all about getting children to school safely," said City Administrator Sharon Reichard.

If the application were approved, the city would receive approximately $12,000 to improve sidewalks, crosswalks, signage and other infrastructure in the vicinity of the two schools.

In addition to facilitating the planning and development of projects that would make the route to school safer, the safe routes to schools project also provides educational programs for the schools to teach children, as well as motorists, about safe walking and bicycling.


In order to honor and remember citizens who have had a significant impact in the community, council and the Grove City Parks and Recreation Department have teamed up to implement a Legacy Grove Trail at Fryer Park.

"Legacy Grove is a commemorative tree program that will provide an educational background of the history of the city," said Laura Lanese, chairwoman of the parks and recreation board.

To maintain the importance of this project, they have set up criteria that must be met before a person can have their name commemorated in the Legacy Grove. There are the residents who have an automatic spot, which are for those who have served as an elected or appointed official in the city of Grove City for any length of time.

Then there is the nomination only category, which must be approved and recommended by the Grove City Park Board and approved by council.

There are four groups that fall into that category and they are; any person who has served on a board or commission for the city for five years or longer; any person who has served the city in a capacity where citizens have benefited from their service; any person who has reached the age of 100, or has lived in Grove City for a minimum of 75 percent of their time; and any person who has perished in the line of duty, including military members, firefighters and police officers.

The Legacy Groves Trail will encompass the area from Century Village to Rotary Lake.

There will also be a separate row where residents can purchase a tree to remember a loved one.


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