Council approves rezoning and development plan for Pinnacle Quarry


By Andrea Cordle
Grove City Editor

The Pinnacle Quarry plan got the green light.

At the Sept. 21 meeting, Grove City Council approved a development plan and a rezoning request. The rezoning changes approximately 71 acres of land located south of White Road and west of State Route 104 from single family residential to a planned unit development.

The rezoning allows for the development plan that includes 180 single family homes and 30 condominiums on about 60 acres.

“We are proud this will be an expansion of the Pinnacle development,” said property developer Joe Ciminello.

In addition to the housing units, the development plan also calls for a city park that would be about 10 acres in size and would include pickleball courts, a walking path, and a shelter house.

The only council member to vote against the development plan was Ted Berry. He has expressed his concerns about the added traffic along State Route 104.

“We are just pouring more traffic on 104 with these developments,” said Berry at a previous council meeting. “We need to address the infrastructure before we put more traffic on that route.”

In addition to the Pinnacle Quarry, council approved the Farmstead development plan last year. This project will include more than 500 housing units at the Farmstead-Hancock property, located on the west side of State Route 104 and east of Hawthorne Parkway. Council also approved the Sugar Maple Commons plan, to build a 105-unit apartment complex for those 55 and older, located south of Holton Road and west of State Route 104.

Council had its first reading of legislation to set aside over $622,000 from the Pinnacle Tax Increment Financing fund for infrastructure improvements along White Road and State Route 104, which would benefit the new Pinnacle Quarry development. The funds would be used for professional services to complete the design and engineering for the improvements. The second reading and public hearing is scheduled for Oct. 5.

According to City Administrator Chuck Boso, the city has had ongoing discussions with the Ohio Department of Transportation regarding State Route 104 and there are plans to address the roadway.

There will be a turn lane off State Route 104 for the Pinnacle Quarry development.


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