Council approves redevelopment of Kmart site

By Andrea Cordle
Southwest Editor

At the July 6 meeting, Grove City Council approved a plan to redevelop the Kmart site, located at 2400 Stringtown Road.

According to Kyle Rauch, development director, the plan is to renovate the structure to create three individual commercial tenant spaces.

This redevelopment plan was discussed at a previous council meeting but was postponed to address some outstanding issues, including a stream cleaning plan and pedestrian access for tenants of the apartment complex adjacent to the property.

A stream runs along the western portion of the property. Grove City Mayor Richard “Ike” Stage said it has become a haven for litter.

Jeff Gregg, the property owner with Fairway Realty, said he is committed to cleaning up the stream. He said he would clean up the area prior to construction and upon completion of construction. He also said he would maintain the stream. Gregg also agreed to work with the property owner of the apartment complex so the tenants could have pedestrian access.

According to the development plan, the site currently consists of a vacant 78,000 square foot retail store (Kmart) and parking lot. The plan is to renovate the existing building, transforming it from one building into a three-tenant retail center. The parking lot would be updated to comply with city code and improve circulation on the site.

One of the three retail spaces would include Aldi. The grocery store plans to relocate to the property from its current location at 4041 Gantz Road in Grove City.

Although council approved the development plan unanimously, councilman Ted Berry noted his disapproval of the tower sign.

“The sign is an eyesore,” said Berry.

Gregg agreed that the current sign was not visually appealing, but the sign is not covered in the development plan. However, it could be addressed down the road through a separate application.

The property owner said he is looking for a clean, modern sign with a “satisfactory height.”

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