Copper grounds stolen from AEP Blacklick station

If your power temporarily shut off last week for a short amount of time, it could be because AEP crews were working to repair the Blacklick station after copper grounds were stolen.

Earlier in the week, AEP crews switched customer loads to other circuits after the Blacklick station was shut down after the theft.

Some Reynoldsburg residents may have experienced a short blackout during the switch because the feed for the Reynoldsburg station originates at the Blacklick station.

When AEP worked to move the customer loads to other circuits, there was a possibility that customers who are served from the Reynoldsburg station would experience a power outage.

AEP crews worked during the evening of Sept. 29 and into Sept. 30 to switch Reynoldsburg customers to other sources, according to Reynoldsburg Safety/Service Director Pamela J. Boratyn.

On Oct. 1, repairs to the Blacklick station were made, and as of press time that same day, customers were expected to be switched back to their original station following the repairs, AEP representative Vikki Michalski said.

When this process happens, temporary power outages are possible, Michalski said.

Police are investigating the incident.

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