Cool art

Photo courtesy of David Eichorn and Eastland Career Center
Eastland Career Center Culinary Arts students Nia Haines and Belinda Castillo recently tried their hand at ice sculpting and are pictured here creating an ice sculpture of a basket. Eastland Career Center Culinary Arts instructor David Eichorn said artists from Rock on Ice, a company that creates ice sculptures, recently came to the school to teach the students the fine art of ice sculpting. He said the students carved ice sculptures of penguins, dolphins, baskets, and pineapples. “The pineapple is significant because it is the international logo of the hospitality industry,” said Eichorn.
Messenger photo by Rick Palsgrove
Some of the 30 ice sculptures created by students in the Eastland Career Center’s Culinary Arts. The ice sculptures were recently displayed in front of the school until the warm March weather melted the art work.


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