Cooking, painting and more in Prairie Township

By Amanda Ensinger
Staff Writer

Prairie Township residents will be able to put their culinary skills to work as a result of new programming offered at the Prairie Township Community Center.

At a recent board meeting, center leadership talked about some of the events coming this fall to the center.

Among the items discussed was a new parent and child cooking class that will be offered in September and November.

“For this new class, we will be working with a local chef and will give kids and parents an opportunity to come in and make some meals together,” said Matt McCallum, recreation supervisor for the community center. “We have a kitchen space they will use and it will be a great opportunity for families to learn to cook together.”

The classes cost $60 for residents and $65 for non-residents and will take place from Sept. 21 to Oct. 12 and Nov. 2 – 23.

“The classes take place on Saturdays and are only an hour,” McCallum said. “Families will be making simple dishes they can make at home, such as pizza.”

The community center will also bring back annual favorites.

“We will be doing some parent and children painting classes again, like we did in the spring,” McCallum said. “These were a huge hit, so this time we will doing them around Halloween and Christmas. They will each be holiday themed, which we think families we really enjoy.”

The center has been trying to add in new classes, as well as continuing with older popular ones in an effort to attract new families to the center. This summer, they offered a robotics class that taught children coding, something that will be beneficial in future careers.

“When deciding what classes to offer, we look at what other communities are doing,” McCallum said. “We also look at what people have requested and what we think will bring people into the center.”

Besides discussing community center programing, the board of trustees also commended Deputy Jason Ronk for his efforts in helping a local resident with a compliant they had with a neighbor.

In the spring, township resident Nancy Evans voiced her frustration with a neighbor who was repeatedly letting their dog onto the roof of their second story home.

“I have lived in Prairie Township for 15 years and planned to stay in my home through my golden years,” Evans said at the time. “However, I have a neighbor who is allowing their dog on the roof of their second story home. This dog is barking uncontrollably and making it impossible to live in my home.”

Prairie Township Administrator Rob Peters said in the meeting that Deputy Ronk worked with the homeowner and a contractor to build the proper access for the dog. Ronk even went to Home Depot to help in securing the materials for the proper access.

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