Construction gets moving in FT

After a three-year hiatus, construction will begin in June to better traffic flow on Chippewa Street and Hague Avenue.

Mosaica Education, Inc. (MEI), a charter school management company that oversees three other charter schools in Columbus, negotiated a $900,000 bond to fund the project that satisfies a variance requirement to establish a school at the west end of Chippewa.

Construction projects involve re-paving Chippewa, creating a wider turn radius for vehicles making turns from Chippewa onto Hague, and an added turn lane on Hague to turn left onto Chippewa.

The project met delays due to construction at the school site and additional traffic studies conducted during the school season to verify need for the project, according to Trustee Chair, Tim Guyton. 

“The turn lane is being done because the traffic study done by the county engineers reflected a high volume of traffic during the busy times of the day going to the school, which backed up traffic on Hague,” said Guyton.

Project completion is slated for the end of August.

In other news, representatives from T-Mobile, a cellular and Internet provider, expressed interest in renting property from Franklin Township in order to construct a self-supporting tower near the township offices.

The tower would sit on a 20 foot concrete base and reach 120 feet in height within a 20 by 30 foot, fenced area.

Construction and maintenance of the tower requires no funding from the township and will produce revenue as T-Mobile plans to rent the area, along with access to the site.

“They are considering the township property because it is one of several sites in the area which would best serve their needs for coverage,” said Guyton.

“We do not have a formal offer at this time and are still working out the details with our attorney yet to look over the final draft when presented.”


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