Connecting reading and science


Columbus Metropolitan Library (CML) has partnered with COSI to promote science and literacy with virtual events as part of a new program called COSI Connects Reading and Science.

Each Tuesday, beginning Sept. 22 and ending Oct. 27, CML and COSI will share a video featuring a virtual storytime and a virtual science experiment on their social media channels.

CML will make available all books read during these storytimes, and a special bookmark will be available at all CML locations for students. Additionally, COSI Learning Lunchboxes will contain CML book recommendations based on the theme of the Lunchbox, as well as the age of the child. Many COSI Connects daily activities will have corresponding book recommendations to encourage further learning.

“Science and reading go hand-in-hand,” said CML CEO Patrick Losinski. “We are so fortunate to have an institution like COSI right here in central Ohio. Together we can help fulfill CML’s vision of ‘a thriving community where wisdom prevails.’”

“We are proud to partner with our esteemed Columbus Metropolitan Library to further ensure that science content from our COSI Connects digital portal is availed to those who need it most,” said COSI President Dr. Frederic Bertley. “Literacy around reading and STEM access and capacity are complementary and natural allies, much like COSI and Columbus Metropolitan Library. As such, we look forward to transforming young lives through this great collaboration.”

The Center of Science and Industry (COSI) is a dynamic, hands-on science center with more than 56 years of award-winning expertise in providing engaging, inspiring and transforming learning experiences. COSI cultivates a vibrant learning ecosystem for all people, helping ensure we are scientifically literate, critically aware and thoughtfully engaged. From hands-on interactive exhibits in themed exhibition areas, and a state-of-the-art planetarium, to traveling and education outreach programs, COSI delivers science and science educational experiences both in its building and far beyond its walls. With unprecedented partnerships, COSI has positioned itself as a national powerhouse museum with content and experiences for people of all ages.

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