Congratulations go out to county’s 4-Hers and volunteers

Gold-level 4-H participation winners for Madison County 4-H (see story for names)

(Posted Dec. 7, 2018)

The annual Madison County 4-H banquet was held Dec. 2 with 117 4-H members, parents and invited guests in attendance.

Silver-level 4-H participation winners for Madison County 4-H include: (from left) Garrett Vance (standing in for Trenton Vance) and Victoria Sanguino, of the Clover Clippers 4-H Club, Sarah Greene and Hannah Green of the Beginners to Winners 4-H Club, Ross Gerkens of the Clover Clippers 4-H Club, and Zoe Hutson of the Town & Country Kids 4-H Club.

Madison County Fair royalty led the “Pledge of Allegiance:” Whitney Stires, queen, Speedy Spurs Livestock 4-H Club; Kayden Warnock, princess, Helping Hands Happy Hearts 4-H Club; and Callie Jenkins, princess attendant, Born in a Barn 4-H Club.

To offer more recognition opportunities to 4-Hers, the Madison County 4-H Extension program developed a participation record sheet that youths used to keep track of their 4-H activities and accomplishments. 4-Hers present at the banquet who received awards for participation included:

Bronze-level 4-H participation winners for Madison County 4-H include: (from left) Max Gerkens of the Clover Clippers 4-H Club and Maria Coulardot of the Town & Country Kids 4-H Club.

* Bronze honors–Maria Coulardot, Town & County Kids; Max Gerckens, Clover Clippers;

* Silver honors–Ross Gerckens, Clover Clippers; Hannah Green, Beginners to Winners; Sarah Green, Beginners to Winners; Zoe Hutson, Town & Country Kids; Victoria Sanguino, Clover Clippers; Trenton Vance, Clover Clippers; and

* Gold honors–Addie Barnhill, Canaan Pathfinders; Arcie Barnhill, Canaan Pathfinders; Sophie Brand, Yes We Can; Donna Campbell, Jumpers & Flyers; Matthew Canterbury, Yes We Can; Hope Fetherolf, Exclusively Equine; Lillian Finke, Born in a Barn; Olivia Finke, Born in a Barn; Bridget Haggy, Canaan Pathfinders; Noah Haggy, Canaan Pathfinders; Samuel Haggy, Canaan Pathfinders; Brooke Hermiller, Clover Clippers; Mason Hermiller, Clover Clippers; Sydne Hermiller,  Clover Clippers ; Isabel Hiles, County Bunch; Shea Huntington, Beginners to Winners; Will Huntington, Beginners to Winners; Dakota Hutson, Town & Country Kids; Callie Jenkins, Born in a Barn; Emily Mathews, Jumpers & Flyers; Landon Mayabb, Helping Hands Happy Hearts; Zavier Mayabb, Helping Hands Happy Hearts; Molly Metcalf, Exclusively Equine; Kayla Miller, Exclusively Equine; Olivia Rinesmith, Fairfield Rascals; Hayes Smith, Helping Hands Happy Hearts; Will Smith, Canaan Prize Winners; Whitney Stires, Speedy Spurs Livestock; Garrett Vance, Clover Clippers; Olivia Vance, Clover Clippers; Addie Wilkin, Helping Hands Happy Hearts; and Elliana Wilkin, Helping Hands Happy Hearts.

Cloverbud members of Madison County 4-H who earned recognition for top-notch participation this year include: Jacob Hiles (left) of the Country Bunch 4-H Club and Skylar Tackett of the Helping Hands Happy Hearts 4-H Club.

* Cloverbuds (ages 5-8)–Skylar Tackett of Helping Hands Happy Hearts and Jacob Hiles, Country Bunch.

Camp Counselors and staff recognized for planning and overseeing the Let’s Giddy Up & Go to 4-H Summer Camp.  Present included Olivia Rinesmith, a Fairfield Rascals 4-H Club member who served as a counselor, and adult volunteers Joel Buckland of Helping Hands Happy Hearts 4-H and Kevin Clemmons of Country Bunch 4-H.

This year’s Outstanding 4-Hers in Madison County include: (from left) Whitney Stires of the Speedy Spurs Livestock, Kayden Warnock of the Helping Hands Happy Hearts 4-H Club, Emily Mathews of the Jumpers & Flyers 4-H Club, Noah Haggy of the Canaan Pathfinders 4-H Club, and Hayes Smith of the Helping Hands Happy Hearts.

Outstanding 4-H members recognized for their care, hard work, energy and dedication to the 4-H motto, “To Make the Best Better,” included:

* Outstanding 4-Her/Junior–Noah Haggy, Canaan Pathfinders; Hayes Smith, Helping Hands Happy Hearts;

* Outstanding 4-Her/Intermediate–Emily Mathews, Jumpers & Flyers; Kayden Warnock, Helping Hands Happy Hearts; and

* Outstanding 4-Her/Senior–Whitney Stires, Speedy Spurs Livestock.

The Weldon Brown award is given in honor of the late Weldon Brown who was executive secretary of the Senior Fair Board for many years and is awarded to Junior Fair Board (JFB) members who show outstanding leadership, reliability and dedication to the Junior Fair. This one-time award is presented to JFB members who have served as chairpersons of their division, have excellent meeting and workday attendance records, and go the extra mile or hour to help make the Junior Fair possible.    This year’s award recipient is Haylee Henry of the Speedy Spurs Livestock Club.

Volunteers were recognized for their respective years of service.

Volunteers recognized for their years of service included:

* One year–Jackie Bolin, Fairfield Rascals; Joel Buckland, Helping Hands Happy Hearts; Christen Rinehart, Born in a Barn;

* Two years–Valerie and Steve Hermiller, Clover Clippers;

* Three years–Jodie Marks, Mud Run Hustlers;

* Four years–Emily Davis and Gennie Davis, Yes We Can;

* Five years–Jody Campbell, Jumpers & Flyers; Bridget Wilkin, Helping Hands Happy Hearts;

* Six years–Deetra Huntington, Beginners to Winners;

* Eight years–Jenny Sweet, Helping Hands Happy Hearts;

* 11 years–Chris Fetherolf, Exclusively Equine;

* 15 years–Savannah Brock, Junior Fair Board coordinator; Annette Rinesmith, Fairfield Rascals;

* 16 years–Monroe Harbage, Clover Clippers;

* 21 years–Judy Gallimore and Heather Mayabb, Helping Hands Happy Hearts;

* 24 years–Tammy Smith, Canaan Prize Winners;

* 25 years–Clint Hutson, Town & Country Kids;

* 26 years–Kevin Clemmons, Country Bunch; Robin Hutson, Town & Country Kids;

* 27 years–Daphne Hedgecock, Clover Clippers;

* 33 years–Holly Stockham, Canaan Pathfinders;

* 36 years–Kevin Stockham, Canaan Pathfinders; and

* 42 years–Pat Gallimore, Jumpers & Flyers.

The Honor Club award is an opportunity for clubs to demonstrate participation on the club and county levels by filling out a form that highlights activities performed as a club in the past year.  This year’s honor clubs are:

Beginners to Winners

Born in a Barn

Buckeye Rangers

Canaan Pathfinders

Clover Clippers

Dirty Boots and Shiny Belt Buckles

Exclusively Equine

Fairfield Rascals

Helping Hands, Happy Hearts

Jumpers & Flyers

Mud Run Hustlers

Prairie Raiders

Speedy Spurs Livestock

Town & country Kids

Yes We Can

The Community Service award was developed by the 4-H Advisory Committee to recognize clubs for outstanding service to the community. This year’s winners are: honorable mentions, Canaan Pathfinders and Exclusively Equine; third place, Helping Hands Happy Hearts; second place, Yes We Can; and first place, Beginners to Winners.

This year’s Friend of 4-H is Madi-Lon Inc., a group of individuals who generously donated to the Madison County 4-H summer camp program. Thanks to the group’s financial support, Madison County youth will be able to experience the outdoor adventures of 4-H summer camp for years to come. Madi-Lon sees 4-H as a unique program that can foster passion and dreams. The group recognizes the monetary challenges local families might face when it comes to providing their children with this type of recreational and leadership programming.

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