Complaints filed in Madison Township

Madison Township resident Rose Phillips is putting Madison Township trustee Jim Hummel and Madison Township Police Chief Greg Ryan on notice: discharge your duties properly or face the consequences.

Following the trustees’ Sept. 17 meeting, during which Phillips questioned Hummel and Ryan on allegations of a law enforcement quota system and a statement made by Ryan regarding police service in the Blacklick Estates area, Phillips filed a formal complaint against both men.

In a statement filed on Sept. 24, Phillips alleged: "…I had the opportunity to speak regarding certain police issues…I specifically asked Chief Ryan if he had ever made a specific statement as to ‘I would be better off putting security guards in the valley than wasting my gas.’"

Phillips alleged Ryan "responded in a disrespectful manner toward me and said ‘no.’ I then asked if he ever made a similar statement and he again responded in the same manner stating ‘no.’"

"Information I have received anonymously," wrote Phillips in her complaint, "prior to me asking this question of Chief Ryan clearly…indicates that, during a grievance hearing with an officer involving discipline for not writing enough traffic citations, Chief Ryan allegedly made such a statement in front of (the patrolman and other officials attending the hearing)."

When asked to comment on the complaint, Ryan said he was confident the minutes of the trustees’ meeting will speak for themselves.


In a companion complaint, Phillips reported asking the trustees to explain the alleged quota system and she took offense at Hummel’s response, which she alleged was made in an "arrogant and disrespectful manner…that there is no quota system and that the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) has supported their (township’s) performance standards. When asked if an officer had been reprimanded, he and Chief Ryan became angry and responded ‘no’…I told him (Hummel) I had the information of the officer’s reprimand and Trustee Hummel told me to prove it and bring it to the next meeting. He also told me he was not going to listen to me every time I came in to complain."

Phillips said she found Hummel and Ryan’s conduct "unprofessional."

Hummel could not be reached for comment on Phillips’ complaints.

Madison Township Administrator Judy Edwards said the township has two weeks to respond to the pair of complaints filed by Phillips.

"I just want people to understand there needs to be positive changes, whether from the top down or bottom up. I wouldn’t ask these questions if I didn’t know the answers before I asked them," said Phillips on Sept. 30. "If it’s just me up there (talking with trustees during their meetings), it’s just me. But with more people there at the meetings, it shows the trustees that people are concerned and we’ll be there at the next meeting."  

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