Community counts

Photo courtesty of Groveport Heritage Museum
Bonds of community are forged when people form groups, be they formal organizations or an informal gathering of friends on streets or porches. Groups breathe life into a community and reflect its heart. Shown here are some Groveport and Madison Township women who gathered on the front porch of a Main Street home in Groveport on a patriotic holiday in the early 20th century. Pictured here, from left to right (though sadly, some are unidentified), are: (front row) Goldie Schleppi, Edith Tussing, Mary Stevenson, Gertrude Adel, and (unidentified); (middle row) Ethel Long, (unidentified), (unidentified), and Anna Coon; (back row) Amy Wildermuth, Irma Myers, (unidentified), and (unidentified).
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