Community cleanup campaign in Jackson Township

By Dedra Cordle
Staff Writer

The Jackson Township administrative building is set to become the most popular destination for residents looking to unload unwanted household items. Officials say they are completely at ease with the impending situation.

“I would rather see this facility become the biggest collection point of unwanted materials than find it illegally dumped elsewhere within our community,” said Township Administrator Shane Farnsworth.

For more than a decade, the administrative building, located at 3756 Hoover Road, has been the site of a massive cleanup event in the spring and fall, allowing residents of the township, the city of Grove City, and the village of Urbancrest to dispose of hundreds of pounds of unwanted items free of charge.

“It was one of the township’s most popular events,” said Farnsworth. “Close to 1,200 to 1,500 vehicles would roll through here over the course of a few hours and unload all of their miscellaneous junk.

“It eventually got to the point where it would cause traffic backups on Hoover Road because there were so many people wanting to participate.”

The introduction of the novel coronavirus put a halt to the planned spring and fall cleanup in 2020, but the township decided to host a staggered cleanup event throughout the spring and summer to try to flatten the curve.

“It turned out to be a surprisingly successful endeavor,” said Farnsworth. “The residents liked the convenience of dropping off materials before they went to work or after they came home from work, and we liked not having to clean up illegal dumping areas throughout the community.”

He said since the implementation of the extended community cleanup campaign, the road crews have only had to respond to a “small handful” of illegally dumped materials.

“It has gone down from more than a dozen calls each year to maybe one or two,” said Farnsworth.

Because of the success of the campaign, the township hosted another extended cleanup event in 2021. They will continue to do the same for 2022.

“We are so excited to be able to offer this extended summer cleanup service for the community again,” said Farnsworth.

Starting on May 2, the residents of the township, the city, and the village will be permitted to drop off their unwanted household items at the administrative building Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., holidays excluded. The service will run through Sept. 30.

Items accepted include residential bulk trash, bulk items, scrap metal and tires. The latter item is limited to four per vehicle per trip. Hazardous waste will not be accepted, and neither will batteries.

Residents will also be permitted to drop off Styrofoam thanks to a partnership with Keep Grove City Beautiful.

“Let’s say you purchase a microwave or a television set and it comes with that large molding of Styrofoam around the item,” said Farnsworth. “Now, you will be able to drop that off here and it will be put through a compressor so that material can be recycled and re-used. That is a new service we are really excited about.”

E-waste, minus monitors and televisions, will still be accepted year-round; some construction materials and some household furniture that can be repurposed will also be permitted to be off-loaded through Sept. 30. Farnsworth encouraged residents with unwanted monitors and televisions to give the office a call as they can provide referrals to local sites that accept those e-waste materials.

“Our goal with this service is to be of service to the community,” he said. “Well, that and curbing illegal dumping while keeping as many items out of the landfill as we can.”

The township will also offer summertime brush pick-up services for residents in the unincorporated areas. The dates are slated for May 23-27; June 20-24; July 25-29; Aug. 22-26; and Sept. 26-30. Farnsworth requested that residents who live in these areas call the township office at 614-875-2742 to let them know they plan to participate in the brush pick-up on one of the scheduled days.

“Just set it out to the edge of the road and our road department will swing by and pick up the brush,” he said.

Though anyone within the township, the city, or the village can participate in the community cleanup campaign during normal hours of operation, township officials have requested participants sign in at the office and let them know which materials they are seeking to dispose.

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