Community Center to reopen at reduced capacity

By Amanda Ensinger
Staff Writer

The Prairie Township Community Center will open its doors on June 1 and 30 members will be allowed in at one time. This will be a big change for the center that has thousands typically visit in a months’ time.

“It is going to be significantly less than we would normally allow in, but with the social distancing guidelines still in place, this was the number we could allow in at one time and still meet those standards,” said Rob Peters, administrator for Prairie Township. “Members will be allowed in the fitness equipment area, as well as on the walking track.”

Peters said the pool will remain closed and the gym will not be open because the township will be utilizing it for other activities.

If someone stops by the center while it is at the maximum capacity, a visitor will have to wait outside until someone leaves.

“On average, people work out an hour to an hour and a half, so we anticipate a continual flow of people coming and leaving,” Peters said. “We hope at some point to open the pool, but right now with the occupancy requirements and social distancing guidelines there was not a way to configure the pool to make it work.”

The center also has no plans to offer any type of classes right now, but does hope to phase those in as social distancing guidelines are slowly eased.

Peters said members who purchased memberships to use the pool or utilize fitness classes will not be charged when the center reopens. Only members who visit the center will have their bill resume, if a member doesn’t visit the center their membership will not restart.

The township also plans to continue to have their trustees meetings remotely.

“Social distancing guidelines are still in place and people are only allowed to gather in groups of 10 people or less,” Peters said. “Until this changes I don’t foresee us having in-person meetings.”

Peters said with the social distancing guidelines in place and how small their meeting room is, it wouldn’t be possible to have meetings at township offices. They also don’t feel it is fair to exclude everyone from the meetings except for a few people due to the 10-person capacity limit.

“The current format we have been having meetings in seems to really be working and residents are always reminded they can submit questions anytime before the meetings and they will be addressed by the trustees,” Peters added. “They also don’t have to wait for a meeting to ask a question. They can reach out to us anytime to have their questions answered.”

For more information on steps Prairie Township is taking to open up the community, visit

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