Community center to bring new jobs

By Amanda Amsel
Staff Writer

As Prairie Township inches closer to the May opening of the new community center, organizers are continuing to coordinate the proposed staff.

At a recent meeting, the township trustees approved the part-time job descriptions, pay scale and request to start advertising the new positions.

The center is now looking to hire a fitness attendant, head guard, lifeguard, recreation leader, summer camp director, summer day camp assistant director, summer day camp leader, swim instructor and water fitness instructor. All of these positions are open to all applicants until they are filled.

“For some of these positions there will be multiple people hired within each position,” said James Gant, director of the center. “The reason we are advertising now is because high school and college students usually are the ones that will take some of these positions. These potential hires are already starting to think about their summer jobs, so we want to get our name out there as an option.”

The starting pay for these hourly positions range from $8.70 to $25 an hour, depending on the position and the applicant’s qualifications.

The township is advertising the positions in a number of outlets, according to Gant. These include local newspapers, the township’s website, job boards and at high schools and colleges.

“The maximum these part-time employees can works in 29 hours a week as mandated by the Affordable Care Act,” Gant said. “However, if it is a true seasonal position, like the summer day camp leader, and they only work a set number of weeks the part-time employee can work 40 hours a week.”

Gant said the township is still not sure how many part-time employees they will be hiring and said that is dependent on how much employees want to work.

“We are still working through all of that,” he said. “If we get a lot of employees who want to work all the time we won’t have to hire as many, but if we get a lot who only want to work one shift a week then we will have to hire more people so we have all our bases covered.”

The township also is still deciding if they will be creating additional part-time positions.

According to Gant, that will be dependent on if they decide to hire one full-time person to do the work or if they decide to hire multiple part-time people to do the job. Gant said that will also be sorted out in the coming months.

The township said they hope to hire all part-time applicants before May so they can be trained and ready when the center opens.

According to Gant, the township has allocated approximately $302,000 a year for full-time salaries and $347,000 a year for part-time salaries for the community center.

For more information on the open positions at the Prairie Township Community Center, visit

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