Community Center opens in Prairie Township


By Amanda Amsel
Staff Writer

The new Prairie Township Community Center is officially opened for business.

The center, which was slated to open in May but was postponed due to construction delays, opened in late June.

“We are officially up and running,” said James Gant, recreation director for the center. “We are thrilled to finally be able to open our doors and welcome the community in.”

The township held a grand opening celebration July 10.

The center cost the township approximately $10 million. Officials say it is the first recreational center in the township and that residents have already said how excited they are to have a gathering place in their own backyards.

“This new center is literally five minutes from my house, which is great,” said Chad Goudy, Prairie Township resident. “Also, the prices are very affordable. For all the things that are at this center, it really is a great deal.”

Township residents pay between $97and $548 annually for their membership, while non-township residents must pay between $145 and $822 for memberships.

According to Gant, the township has sold more than 250 memberships to the center and continues to sell more every day. Gant said that they are seeing a lot of township residents buy passes, as well as Westside residents who are looking for an affordable place to work out.

“People are really excited that there is a place like this that is close to home,” he said. “There really was a strong need for a center like this, so we are thrilled that the community is embracing it.”

Gant said they hope to expand their programming to include things like wine tastings and cooking classes. Currently, the center offers a summer day camp for kids, fitness classes and swim lessons.

The center is located at 5955 West Broad St. For more information on the new Prairie Township Community Center, visit

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