Community Center opening faces delay


By Amanda Amsel
Staff Writer

Residents may have to wait a few weeks to enjoy the new Prairie Township Community Center.

According to community center director James Gant the center may not open until early June.

“We still don’t have an opening date yet,” Gant said. “There are too many moving pieces and parts and we have had some delays.”

The delays include weather slowing down construction and the elevator company installing their equipment. However, Gant is optimistic. He said that there has been significant progress at the center, saying trees and landscaping are almost complete, most of the concrete work is done, the flooring is done and the windows have been installed.

One sign of progress is township groups are getting ready to move into the center. According to the director of the senior center, the groups will be moving into the new community center on May 31.

Another sign of progress is that part of the adult programming schedule has been set.

According to the township’s website, fitness assessment classes that review your body fat, blood pressure, cardiovascular and strength will be offered. There will also be incentive programs that will help motivate people to meet their fitness goals and live a healthier lifestyle.

Gant said that residents still cannot buy memberships and they won’t be sold until they have a definitive date of when it will open.

“I’m not comfortable letting people buy memberships and not providing them with a date of when the center will open,” he said.

Gant said they plan to do a soft launch in early June and grand opening in July.

For more details on the progress of the Prairie Township Community Center, visit

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