Commissioners look for space for a Westside recreation center


By Hannah Poling
Staff Writer

Westland area commissioners want to bring a recreation center to the Westside and they need community members to help make it happen.

At the Oct. 20 meeting, commissioner Janet Cahill said she is trying to find ways to recruit civilian members to join a parks and recreation committee.

“There is really no good way to reach all of our population,” said Cahill.

Becky Larson, a member of the committee, is planning to get a list of the local block watches in order to send those members an e-mail about the committee meetings and community participation.

The Westland Area Commission Parks and Recreation Committee meets the first Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m. in the event room at Auto Boutique, 1800 Georgesville Square Drive in Columbus. Morgen Wade, with the city of Columbus Recreation and Parks Department as well as the Parks and Recreation Capital and Strategic Planning Team will attend the committee meeting on Nov. 3.

At this meeting, Cahill plans to present three potential options for a recreation center.
The first location in question is the already-built, but vacant facility at 5300 Crosswind Drive. This location is currently for sale and contains a structure as well as a walking path, baseball diamonds, and tennis courts.

The second potential location is a corner of the 126-acre Blauser Farm development at 6145 W. Broad St. Columbus does own a corner of this property, which could be another opportunity for a recreation center.

The third location proposed would be a property for sale at the corner of Hall and Galloway roads. The property spans 175 acres, which would not all be needed for this proposed facility. The property is not in the city of Columbus and would need to be annexed.

All three proposed locations will be presented to the planning team in hopes that they will deem one of the sites suitable for a recreation center.

In other news, commissioner Denise Southworth is stepping down from her position. However, the commission has welcomed a new commissioner to the group – Lori Balough.

Balough has worked in the South-Western City Schools District for more than 21 years in various capacities as a teacher, an assistant principal, a principal and her current position as director of personnel.


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