Comedy for Cougars


By Amanda Amsel
Staff Writer

A parent teacher student association is using laughter to raise money by presenting an annual comedy event.

The Westland High School PTSA is hosting the Comedy Caravan event ‘Fundrai$ing with Laughter’ at 8 p.m. Feb. 20 at Westland High School, 146 Galloway Road.

The event, which will feature Jeffrey Jena, Joe Deuce and SUNNY 95’s Dino Tripodi, will be a comedy show aimed at reliving area resident’s stress while also raising money for a good cause. Headlined by Jena, Deuce and Tripodi will be featured acts during the show.

According to Comedy Caravan, Jena has been a fixture in comedy for over three decades and has appeared in over 100 TV shows and performed on several continents. Deuce has also been active on the comedy circuit for years and has performed at more than 100 colleges and even on the FOX series ‘Laughs.’ Dino has been a Sunny 95 personality for over 20 years and prior to moving to Columbus was a rising comedy star in LA.

According to Comedy Caravan, a portion of the proceeds from the show will go toward programs at Westland High School.

“Comedy Caravan’s ‘Fundrai$ing with Laughter’ shows help schools fund programs not otherwise provided for,” said Tom Sobel of Comedy Caravan. “Our clean, family appropriate comedy shows are designed to replace fundraising by selling candy bars, magazine subscriptions, mulch and other items, by offering school supporters the opportunity to receive a stress relieving dose of humor therapy. After all, in times like these everyone needs a good laugh.”

In the past, organizer Mary Meyer had said they hoped this would eliminate the need for other fundraisers throughout the year.

“Our hope was that this would be our main fundraiser for the year and the kids would not have to sell cookies or candy throughout the year,” Meyer said.

Last year ticket sales for the event were low, so organizers hope this year more people will attend.

The idea to host a fundraiser like this came after members of the Westland High School PTSA attended a convention. They thought this would be a great opportunity to attract new people to their fundraisers and hopefully increase the amount of money they raise for the school.

The money raised from the event will go toward activities for Westland High School students. Some of these activities include snacks for students during the Ohio Graduation Test, staff appreciation day, a senior picnic, the outstanding education award and the volunteer of the year award.

Organizers said a lot of the proceeds would go toward scholarships for graduating seniors.
Admission to the show is $10 and can be purchased by contacting Mary Meyer at 878-4381.

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