Columbus Air Show: a high flying experience of speed, power, and skill

Messenger photos by Pat Donahue
Not all the jets were in the air at the Columbus Air Show, held June 16-18 at Rickenbacker Airport. Hayden Proffitt II was on hand to put on a fire, smoke, and speed show with his 1957 Chevy pick-up that happens to be the world’s fastest. Its called Hot Streak II and is powered by two J-34 jet engines and reaches speeds of more than 350 mph. He entertained the crowd by starting from a stop and catching up to a plane flown by stunt pilot Michael Goulian.
The F-22 Raptor Demonstration Team gave the Columbus Air Show crowd a great glimpse into the incredible speed and maneuverability fan favorite aircraft. Although it’s capable of speeds more that twice the speed of sound. It also slowed down a bit to make a Heritage Flight with a P-51 Mustang.
This P-51 Mustang spent a lot time in the air as well as on the ground at the Columbus Air Show to honor the Tuskegee Airmen.
The U.S. Navy Blue Angels were the stars of the show at this year’s Columbus Air Show. It has been since 2007 since Rickenbacker hosted an air show, but it been since 1995 for the Blue Angels. The Blue Angels started performing in 1946. They put on an incredible flying demonstration that kept eyes on the sky for miles around. The collection of six F/A -18 Super Hornets often flew in a group of four in a diamond formation with two solo planes that would come in from out of nowhere, often aiming for the center of the runway to make their passes or break aways. They wrapped up the demonstration with all six in a perfectly spaced Delta Formation.
Rosie’s Reply was one of many historic aircraft on hand to take the crowd at the Columbus Air Show back in time a bit. This B-25 Mitchell was built in 1943 and was used in World War II. It was later used as trainer, and was restored in 1987 and returned to flying in 2003.
Michael Goulian treated the Columbus Air Show audience to some great aerobatic flying during this weekends event. His show was full of climbs, spins, flips, and stalls that kept the crowd on the edge of their seats. He has one numerous championships in aerobatic flying and air racing. At the air show he also competed in the STOL Drag racing event and gave a jet truck a run for his money.
Georgie’s Gal gave air show visitors a close up look at a B-25 Bomber from World War II.
Air Show visitors got a chance to see how spacious and roomy the C-5M Super Galaxy from Travis AFB (photos above and below). The Super Galaxy is the largest plane in the Air Force inventory and opens on both ends to drive vehicles in and out of. It can carry a lot of cargo a long distance and start and stop on short runways just to mention a few of its features.

Messenger photos by Theresa Garee
The U.S. Navy Blue Angels soar above the crowd during the Columbus Air Show held June 16-18 at Rickenbacker Airport. “We drive these planes not to glorify war, but to remember the lives sacrificed,” Rob Reider said to the crowd at the Columbus Air Show. Reider is the most sought-after announcer on the North American Air Show circuit.
Four of the six Blue Angels fly in close proximity at the Columbus Air Show. The precision flight demonstrations showcase the professionalism, excellence and teamwork found in all Navy and Marine Corps units, as well as provide the thrill and magic of flight to people each year.
Caleb, 8, and Cayden Young, 9, play with their jets while awaiting to see the iconic Blue Angels at the Columbus Air Show.
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