Cold? Who cares!

Messenger photos by Andrea Cordle
The snow-covered landscape and near single digit temperatures on Jan. 21 did not keep some from heading out to enjoy the day. Here, Elana Brors and her daughter, Evelyn (4) of Grove City, head down a hill at Gantz Park on their sled. Chris Brors helps his son, 1-year-old Walter, put his mitten back on. The couple said the kids wanted to go outside because they were tired of being cooped up inside.
Here, 17-year-old Hunter Davis, a student at Westland High School, wipes out at the bottom of a hill at Gantz Park in Grove City on Jan. 21. Davis was at the park with his friend, 18-year-old Garrison Wonacott. The two could not find any sleds to use so they improvised and used Tupperware lids.
Garrison Wonacott, a student at the South-Western Career Academy, takes a ride down the hill on his Tupperware lid.


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