Clean up after the storm

The city of Grove City is assisting in the storm clean-up and city chipping crews will be working for the next four to six weeks to get to all areas of the city.

To assist in the clean-up process residents should take tree debris to the curb while not blocking sidewalks, streets or fire hydrants. City crews will not be able to go on private property to remove debris. Residents do not need to call to notify the city of debris, according to city officials, they will be checking all the streets as time permits.

Residents are encouraged to call, only if there is a street tree that has been damaged and needs to be removed or if there is a safety hazard regarding a city-owned tree.

Residents that do not want to wait for the city crews can take the debris to the Com-Til Compost facility at 7000 State Route 104 in Lockbourne. Residents can also bundle the debris and place the debris out with other yard waste. The Local Waste specifications are four feet in length and one inch or less in diameter and must be bundled with twine or string (do not use plastic or wire to bundle yard waste). Waste should be packaged in brown paper yard waste bags or in containers labeled "yard waste only."

Jackson Township crews are performing the same service for township residents living in the unincorporated areas.

For more information, residents can contact the Grove City Service Department at 277-1100 or the Jackson Township Road Department at 875-2742.

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