City’s letter outlines Groveport Recreation Center re-opening rules

May 27, 2020

Dear Groveport Recreation Center Members & Patrons,

Hello! The City of Groveport is pleased to announce that the GROVEPORT RECREATION CENTER will be re-opening on Thursday, May 28, 2020. Due to circumstances surrounding COVID-19, a number of modifications have been made to the facility, operations, and policies & procedures, which are noted below.

We advise you to read the below information prior to your return. Updates to this document will be made as circumstances change surrounding COVID-19. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Hours The GRC will be open as follows: Monday – Friday, 5:30 AM – 8:00 PM Saturday & Sunday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM *The City of Groveport reserves the right to further modify hours as necessary.

Members Only Only members (including SilverSneakers and Renew Active members) will be permitted to utilize the facility at the present time. Persons must be at least 15 years of age, unless accompanied by an adult. Persons interested in renewing or purchasing a new membership may do so at our front desk. Pre-Paid Day Passes may NOT be used at the present time and will also NOT be available for purchase.

Membership Extension Memberships will be extended the number of days the facility was closed. Passes that would have expired March 16 (the day the facility was forced to close) will be reset to expire on May 28 (our re-opening day).

If your membership expired during the closure, it has been extended for the same amount of days in which the facility was closed.

If you paid for your membership via EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer), payments were not processed in April & May. Those payments will be added on at the end of your membership. All EFT member holders will still have a total of 11 payments. If you have questions regarding your account, please contact Jeff Card (Customer Service Coordinator) at 614-836-1000 ext. 1506 /
7370 Groveport Road • Groveport, OH 43125 614-836-1000 /
Members wishing to cancel due to COVID-19 or any other concern should reference the cancellation information located in the Annual Pass Contract.

Wearing of Masks The City of Groveport recommends that all facility users wear a mask. More information regarding “exercising with a mask on” will be available at the facility. City staff are required to wear a mask, will have their temperature taken and will verify that they are symptom free prior to each shift.

Arrival When you arrive at the facility, please conduct a self-assessment prior to entry. A Symptom Check flyer will be posted outside of the facility for you to reference. If you are experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19, DO NOT ENTER.

Please enter and exit the facility through the automatic mechanical door.

Please stop at one of our lobby Sanitation Stations and apply hand sanitizer.

If you plan on using the facility, please follow posted signs for ENTRY. Please scan your membership ID card under the barcode scanner. Our staff will verify your identity and welcome you into the facility.

If you need to register for a program or purchase a membership, please follow the posted signs for PROGRAM REGISTRATION / MEMBERSHIP SALES. Paper work must be completed away from our staff at one of the lobby tables.

Social Distancing Members are required to social distance in our facility. Members should maintain a six feet buffer zone between themselves and others. Fitness equipment has been spaced to provide a 6 foot radius. Measurements are taken from the center of the main operation of the specific type of equipment. The vast majority of our seating has been removed to discourage lingering.

While walking from one area to another in the facility, please try to maintain social distancing standards. This may involve stepping aside to allow another person to pass.

Please do not take offense to our staff if they ask you to social distance. Our staff is just following the orders provided by the Ohio Department of Health. Persons who do not cooperate will be warned. Frequent violations may lead to indefinite suspension of your membership.

Occupancy Each area of the facility will have a new posted occupancy to comply with social distancing protocols. In the event that our staff determines that the occupancy has been exceeded, our staff will ask for persons to voluntarily leave the area. In the event that persons do not
comply, the entire area may be temporarily closed. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

AREA MAX. OCCUPANCY ACTIVITY Fitness Center (1st Floor) 35 Fitness Center (2nd Floor) 16 Gym (East A) 35 Aux. Fitness Gym (East B) 6 Personal Exercise & Stretching Gym (West A) 6 Basketball (max. of 2 persons/hoop) Gym (West B) 6 Pickleball (max. 2 persons/court) Lobby 35 Locker Rooms – Family 4 Locker Room – Men’s 12 Locker Room – Women’s 12 Track 30 SUBTOTAL 197 (-) Staff 37 Staff includes full-time employees, TOTAL MAX. part-time employees, personal PATRON OCC. 160 trainers, & misc. facility maint. contractors in the facility.

Locker Rooms Locker Rooms will remain open. However, neither showers nor lockers will be available for use. Please come dressed to exercise. If this is not possible, persons may change into exercise clothes in the locker room, but must store their items in a gym/duffel bag. You may keep your gym/duffel bag with you during your visit or place them in your vehicle for safe keeping.

Restrooms Restrooms will remain open. The City may close restrooms for cleaning and occupancy levels.

Storage Cubbies at Fitness Center These units will NOT be available for use.

Lost & Found Per Ohio Dept. of Health’s order, we will no longer have a Lost & Found. However, understand that if we find IDs, wallets, purses, cell phones or jewelry we will secure those items for temporary safe keeping.

Fans Per Ohio Dept. of Health’s Order, the large ceiling fan above the first floor Fitness Center and the two wall fans in the second floor Fitness Center will remain OFF.

Fitness Center Our staff has moved many pieces of equipment to comply with the new social distancing protocols. Only a few pieces of equipment have been closed. Some pieces of equipment have been relocated to our lobby and East Gym A.

Members are REQUIRED to disinfect equipment PRIOR TO and AFTER use. All areas “touched” must be cleaned. Please do not forget to clean:  pins in the weight stacks  any free weight touched, including dumbbell handles & plates  free weight bars  other fitness accessories

Partners exercising together and sharing equipment MUST maintain group segmentation from others exercising.

“Spotting” is highly discouraged during COVID-19. Staff recommends lowering the amount of weight you are using and performing more repetitions.

If you have an appointment with one of our Personal Trainers, do not arrive any sooner than 10-minutes prior to your session. If exercising in the gymnasium, please keep in mind that only water is permitted.

Youth Fitness Orientations Youth Fitness Orientations will still be available for 13 & 14 year olds. Staff will maintain 6 feet of social distance from patrons during the orientation. Orientations will now take place in a meeting room, lobby or outside of the facility, depending on the availability of space. Tours will not be given at this time.

SilverSneakers Orientations Group orientations will no longer scheduled. Our staff will provide you with a written orientation at registration. All questions regarding should be directed to either:

Amy Van Huffel (Sports/Fitness Manager) 614-836-1000 ext. 1505 / OR Ebonee Green (Administrative Assistant) 614-836-3333 /

Gymnasiums Gyms will have very limited occupancy based on the scheduled activity.

Basketball: No more than 2 persons at any one basket. Members may only shoot at one hoop (no game playing, even if in same family/household), must bring their own basketball (do not touch another person’s basketball), and must practice social distancing. Members should check gym schedule for availability.
Pickleball: No more than 2 persons (singles) may play Pickleball in any half gym. Members are responsible for bringing their own paddles and balls. Members should check gym schedule for availability.

Fitness: In the East Gym, half of the gym floor is reserved for fitness equipment (35 persons max). The other half of the gym is reserved for personal stretching/exercising at this time (6 persons max.). Members must practice social distancing.

Track The 1/10 mile indoor track will be open, but only for WALKING. Side-by-side walking is NOT PERMITTED. Please walk in the inner-most and outer-most lanes and pass in the middle lane when necessary. Persons interested in running should do so either on a treadmill or on the outdoor paved leisure path.

Elevator If you need to use the elevator, please only ride individually, unless you are with another person in your household.

Indoor Pool Though permissible by the state, the City of Groveport has decided to follow the Franklin County Public Health Department’s strong advice and NOT OPEN the indoor pool at this time. Franklin County Public Health Dept. is now requiring pool operators to submit a written plan acknowledging the guidance of the State prior to initial operation. In addition to and accordance with the State of Ohio’s current guidance, the plan must also include:  A layout of the pool area that demonstrates specifically how the State’s Guidance will be implemented. The layout shall include but is not limited to: the deck, pool, special features, perimeter fencing/barriers, restrooms/locker rooms/showers (if applicable), physical barriers or other visual cues used to maintain six (6) foot distancing in and out of the water, and locations of posted COVID-19 messaging.  Describe how facility will implement and enforce social distancing both in and out of the water during operating hours of the pool (this does not apply to same household family members).  Describe how the facility will disinfect surfaces in the facility at the frequency described in the guidance.  The utilization of lap swimming and limited classes.  Limiting the number of bathers and swimmers.  Implementing the use of a reservation system and time for visitors and swimmers to accommodate the reduction in pool capacity.  Provision to provide visitors with up-to-date information about COVID-19, related business procedures and policies, and communicate the importance of practicing preventative actions and social distancing.  Providing of self-sanitizing stations by making hand sanitizer, soap and water, or effective disinfectant available to the public at or near the entrance of facilities and at any locations where people have direct interactions and near high-touch surfaces.

The City of Groveport will be submitting a plan to the Franklin County Public Health Department in the near future in hopes of being able to re-open the indoor pool in the following months.

Kiddin’ Around Room The Kiddin’ Around Room, which has provided babysitting services, will NOT be open for the time being.

Rock Climbing Wall The rock climbing wall will NOT be open for the time being as staff is not able to disinfect the wall according to State standards.

Drinking Fountains and Vending Machines Drinking fountains and vending machines will NOT be available. Please bring your own beverage and snack to the facility for consumption.

Televisions Television stations have been pre-set by staff and may NOT be changed.

Magazines Magazines have been removed from the facility. Please bring your own magazine for your reading pleasure.

Birthday Party Packages The Recreation Department is currently NOT offering Birthday Party Packages at this time.

Personal Training If you are a client of one of our Personal Trainers, please contact him/her to schedule your sessions. Their contact information is available at Personal Training (1-on-1) may begin as soon as the facility opens. Group Personal Training Sessions are not available at this time.

Fitness Classes Group Fitness Classes will NOT be open at this time. It is our intent to offer classes in the future once we are sure that we can handle occupancy limit restrictions and social distancing requirements.

Swim Lessons Group, Semi-Private & Private Swim Lessons are NOT available at this time.

Leisure Programs & Special Events Unfortunately, most of our programs have either been cancelled or suspended. Please visit our website for more specific information or contact Juli Pintz (Recreation Coordinator) at 614-836-1000 ext. 1513 /

Youth Athletics Staff is making plans to resume some Youth Athletic Programs in the near future. Please visit our website for more specific information or contact Juli Pintz (Recreation Coordinator) at 614-836-1000 ext. 1513 /

Adult Athletics Staff is making plans to resume outdoor Adult Athletic Programs in the near future. Please visit our website for more specific information or contact Amy Van Huffel (Sports/Fitness Manager) at 614-836-1000 ext. 1505 /

Room Rentals Rooms may NOT be rented at this time. Use of meeting rooms will be restricted for staff and program use only.

Athletic Field, Tennis Court, Picnic Shelter & Log House Rentals At the present time, rentals are NOT available. Use of athletic fields, tennis courts and picnic shelters may be used, but on a first come-first served basis. It is our intent to offer these type of rentals in the near future.

Senior Center The Groveport Senior Center will remain closed at this time, per State of Ohio order.

Parks All City parks are currently open. However, playground equipment and outdoor basketball courts remain closed.

Golf Course The Groveport Municipal Golf Course is open for play. Please call the course at 614-8365874 for more information or visit their website at

We hope to see you soon!

Groveport Recreation Dept. Staff

Groveport Recreation Center 7370 Groveport Road Groveport, OH 43125 614-836-1000 /

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